How impossible proved to be just a mindset: Shaurya Mathur (MGB’17) shares his SP Jain journey

shaurya mathur MGB Sep'17

A Master’s degree is often the defining juncture of one’s career, whereby the next foreseeable future is governed by this sheet of bonded paper. But, then again, what the world sees as a mere sheet of bonded paper is so much more to its holder. It is a symbol of all the experiences in that time spent to attain that degree. A symbol of all those sleepless nights spent either reading or dancing the night away. This is what I thought to be the relevance of the sheet of paper we are “Rewarded” at the end of this Master of Global Business (MGB) program at SP Jain School of Global Management and, for the most part, not only has it lived up to this description but also so much more!

This one year that I spent travelling in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai, in that specific order, has helped cultivate me to become a better version of who I was. Be it the Merlion of Singapore, Opera House in Australia or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, I have not only seen these and some of their peripheral hotspots but also experienced them in the company of highly intellectual individuals with whom I had engaging conversations. Gaining perspectives and opinions from individuals ranging from Ecuador, Spain and Italy in the west to as far South East as Vietnam and the Philippines. All this over and above the invaluable experiences shared by our esteemed faculty.

shaurya mathur MGB Sep'17
Traversing each subject’s challenges individually or in our respective groups for the ‘Student Board Rooms (SBRs)’, which I fondly call ‘Sleepless Board Rooms’, through which I not only gained knowledge and came up with solutions to prevalent issues, but which also served as a coagulating agent that helped us bond as a cohort – where we start off as a group of 120 individuals, having differences in outlook and opinions, but we become a family of 120 individuals who stand united accepting all our differences and respecting our opinions. We may disagree with one and other from time to time but, to the outside world, we are a 120-strong force to reckon with.

September 2017 to August 2018 will be earmarked forever in my life as the year which helped me forge bonds of friendships which will traverse everything time has to throw at it. The year where I learnt how to deal with a multitude of situations covering all aspects of one’s being – from professional to personal. Working against time towards a goal which seemed nearly impossible. But, time again, impossible was proved to be just a mindset.

This year has been a redefining moment in my life and it’s safe to say this is true for all of us from the MGB September 2017 batch. It has had a ripple effect across all aspects of my life – augmenting me professionally with the arsenal of shared experiences and a knowledge bank equipped for nearly everything and a bond with a 120-strong collective of creative individuals, all of whom I shall remember and walk aside, some of whom I shall recollect cherished moments with and a few who’ll forever be close to my heart.

About the Author: Shaurya Mathur

Shaurya Mathur - MGB Sep'17

Shaurya Mathur is an aspiring Smarketer who has completed his Master of Global Business program (Sept’17 intake) specialising in Contemporary Marketing Management from SP Jain School of Global Management. His hobbies extend beyond sports and music into grasping more knowledge and learning from the experiences of experts in almost all fields and walks of life. He is a firm believer that shared knowledge is what is going to unite us as a civilisation and cross-domain specialisation and innovation is the way forward in this hyper-connected world we now inhabit. He is currently working as a Performance Marketing intern at a Singapore-based digital marketing agency.


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