‘An unforgettable journey’: Postgraduate students of Sept’17 cohort share their SP Jain experience

Our students are so much more than just ordinary business graduates. They are unconventional, adventurous and wish to take on the world of global business as leaders and innovators. One of the most valuable aspects of graduating from SP Jain School of Global Management’s tri-city postgraduate programs – Global MBA (GMBA) and Master of Global Business (MGB) – is the exposure to diversity and opportunity outside the classroom.

As the postgraduate cohort of September 2017 gears up to graduate on 20th January 2019, some of our GMBA and MGB students share how our unique multi-city learning model helped them immerse in three vibrant cities – Dubai, Singapore and Sydney – and develop a global business perspective to tackle real-world challenges.

From interacting with world-class faculty and industry experts, participating in Global Learning activities, preparing for interviews, boosting their confidence and communication skills to having fun amidst the hectic schedules, making life-long connections and becoming a better version of themselves – our postgraduate students of Sept’17 cohort share their most memorable SP Jain experiences:

Visit to DFM - GMBA Sep'17

 Chitransh Shrivastava
(GMBA Sept’17 cohort)

“Learning happens every day and SP Jain left no stone unturned to make us realise this. Chinese etiquettes to Arab etiquettes, golf to surfing and Malay to Arabic, this one year brought us a lot of learning and unprecedented experiences. From the first balance sheet to business models, I was fortunate to witness a true metamorphosis in myself. Of all my experiences, the Global Immersion Projects turned to be my greatest learning experience where I had to connect the dots to understand Artificial Intelligence’s function with radiology and got the opportunity to interact with many radiologists in Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia – an extremely helpful exposure, thanks to Prof. Pushpa and Prof. Bhotta.”

Rohit Vasan
(GMBA Sept’17 cohort)

“SP Jain’s GMBA program with its unique tri-city model has introduced me to a diverse background of nationalities, vastly different cultures, business styles and unparalleled diversity.

Every day at SP Jain is busy. Classes, assignments, Student Board Rooms (SBRs), associations, projects, networking activities, quizzes, etc. leave you with a packed schedule. So, every moment counts. Every free moment is an opportunity to explore the location you are at. They say that if you have a day where you are not making a trade-off between 2 or 3 activities at a time, you are not living the SP Jain experience.

What I really liked about SP Jain’s GMBA program was the methodology of teaching, the setting of the class and its highly practical modus operandi. Presentations, group work, tests, discussions, etc. endowed me with the practical skills that I need to be successful as a business manager. The Global Learning activities such as the Blue Mountains Trek in Australia, the Dragon Boat Race in Singapore and the various activities conducted in Dubai allowed me to explore the countries that I lived in and rake in the cultural diversity on display.

SP Jain is a great place to further your education especially if you, like myself, are interested in developing a truly global career. The School teaches outside of the regular theories and all the learning is always updated and effectively upgraded based on the latest industry/business trends.”

Sneha Nagaraju
(GMBA Sept’17 cohort)

“Each country we travelled to during our GMBA program exposed us to so many different cultures and gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the country’s specialities. We not only gained knowledge through our subjects, but SP Jain also taught us life lessons on how to adapt, adjust and work with people who come from diverse cultures and ethnicities.”

Amy Bhimani
(MGB Sept’17 cohort)

“The 1-year MGB program at SP Jain has been meticulously designed to maximize your personal development through the constant exchange of perspectives with classmates and faculty. The career services at SP Jain have greatly assisted me in enhancing my personal growth as well as communication skills. It also helped me prepare for my interviews for an internship. I remember the first week when our program started; we were asked to introduce ourselves in front of the cohort. I was so nervous! As months passed, having participated in many public speaking activities, I was able to improve my confidence and public speaking skills immensely.

A special mention to all our inspiring professors, without whom this journey wouldn’t have been even half as great. Our professors created an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and made room for making mistakes along the way. If you are joining SP Jain, be prepared to learn and accomplish many things through all the classes, outdoor activities and projects – or whatever else you choose to dedicate your time to. It is upon you to decide what you want to achieve from this program.

After a year of the program, I have come out as a more mature, energised and ambitious person who is ready to take on the challenges posed by the corporate world. It has, indeed, been an unforgettable journey.”

MGB Sep 2017

Naman Malik
(MGB Sept’17 cohort)

“I was the first person in the MGB Sept’17 batch to be placed and that happiness has made this journey more memorable. With all of us moving on from college life and entering the professional space, I feel there’s so much to prove to the world and so much that we all have done together that it makes me proud to have been a part of SP Jain’s MGB program and, moreover, I feel lucky to have had such amazing people around me. This course has taught me a way of life and given me exposure to levels which truly make me a global student.”

Raul Landers
(MGB Sept’17 cohort)

“It was a new experience to be away from home, but I was reminded that it was the beginning of something new. When the sessions began in Singapore, we knew that we were up for a roller-coaster ride for the next one year! In Singapore, we were introduced to the Student Board Rooms (SBRs), we got involved in submissions and daily classes and, of course, had fun amidst the hectic schedule. In these four months, we made many friends and learnt a lot about each other.

Sydney marked the second leg of our SP Jain journey. Australia was a new country for me and many of my peers. We were quite enthusiastic as Sydney was said to be the best place according to many seniors/alumni. On knowing that we could use our Indian licences to drive around the city, we did our bit of exploring and escaping into the beautiful surroundings Australia had to offer. It also marked new friendships.

In the blink of an eye, the Sydney leg was complete and here I am penning down these memories as the Dubai leg too comes to an end. I have so much to say, yet I can’t express in words how much the MGB program has helped me build myself for the better. This one year has taught me lessons I will remember for life. It has moulded me into the best Raul that I can offer to any organisation I work for in the future.”

MGB Sep'17

Shaurya Mathur
(MGB Sept’17 cohort)

“This one year that I spent travelling in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai, in that specific order, has helped cultivate me to become a better version of who I was. Be it the Merlion of Singapore, Opera House in Australia or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, I have not only seen these and some of their peripheral hotspots but also experienced them in the company of highly intellectual individuals with whom I had engaging conversations. Gaining perspectives and opinions from individuals ranging from Ecuador, Spain and Italy in the west to as far South East as Vietnam and the Philippines. All this over and above the invaluable experiences shared by our esteemed faculty.

Traversing each subject’s challenges individually or in our respective groups for the ‘Student Board Rooms (SBRs)’, which I fondly call ‘Sleepless Board Rooms’, through which I not only gained knowledge and came up with solutions to prevalent issues, but which also served as a coagulating agent that helped us bond as a cohort – where we start off as a group of 120 individuals, having differences in outlook and opinions, but we become a family of 120 individuals who stand united accepting all our differences and respecting our opinions.

This year has been a redefining moment in my life and it’s safe to say this is true for all of us from the MGB September 2017 batch.”

The global experiences our students have had at SP Jain have prepared them to succeed, realise their professional goals and set them apart from the rest. We wish our students all the best as they get ready to make an impact in the competitive business world and embark on a global career.

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