Who are you post COVID-19? Rama or Ravana: Winner or Warrior

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” – Sir Albert Einstein

Since time immemorial, we, as individuals, families, and communities, have constantly been questioning our learning, actions, work, debates, and thoughts. Let it be the theories, scriptures, and mythologies propagated by our ancestors or the humongous data sets and information generated by the more recent machine learning algorithms.

Post Covid-19

With all of us locked down, quarantined, or isolated around the world with no clear solution to this pandemic in sight, a tiny virus that was almost unheard of till a few months ago has brought every giant in the world to their knees. It is almost comical to think that just a few months ago, we were all focused on warfare, terrorism, politics, crony capitalism, religious fundamentalism, economies of scale, stock markets, atomic bombs, and oil wars. They all seem like something from the distant past now, don’t they?

In grave times like these, it is of paramount importance that all of us reflect on ourselves and our lives. This is the time for us to decide who we want to be, post this pandemic – Do you want to be Rama or Ravana? Do you want to identify as a winner or a warrior?

In my humble attempt to help with this self-reflection, I am working on a series of articles based on global and historical findings through ages. I’m writing and sharing these on LinkedIn for all of you to consider a consequential life strategy that can help us, our world, and our future generations. Here’s a glimpse at what I am working on:

Article 1 – Retrospective History

How Homo Sapiens as a species evolved across the globe. What roles did race, culture, migration, religion, trade, and commerce play in this evolution? This article will take you through the ancient world and medieval world, bringing you to the present, and explain the key factors that shaped human lives as we know it.

Article 2 – Reflective Nature

How did earth as a planet and human nature evolve? The article will focus on humanity and biodiversity across the globe and explain the impact natural resources have on the rest of the living beings.

Article 3 – Reflective Communities & Beliefs

Why, how & what led human beings to divide themselves into communities? What role did beliefs, needs, religions, race, and colour play in the evolution of the human mind, globalisation, and opportunities? 

Article 4 – Retrospective Economies

How were economies formed and nurtured to promote the best interests of communities? Where are these economies heading in the future? 

Article 5 – Reflective Global Measurements

Which global measurements and indexes gained importance and relevance? Which of them got subsided as a result of history, nature, communities, beliefs, and economies of scale?

Article 6 – Retrospective Global Living Standards

How did history, nature, and economies shape our global living standards? This article will explore the living standards of the richest and the poorest in our societies starting from the ancient civilisations, leading you to the present.

Article 7 – Reflective Future

What lies ahead in the future if we continue “As Is”? What are the corrections required if we plan to make the earth a livable and sustainable planet for all species?

Want to be updated about these articles as soon I upload them? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

About the Author: Ashish Swarup

With over 10 years of international experience with global CXOs, Ashish Swarup is a Senior Strategy Consultant currently pursuing his Global MBA at SP Jain. In his last role, Ashish was a Client Offerings Engagement Leader with IBM and worked with multi-location team management responsibilities.

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