E-learning tips by the students for the students

As the world unites to combat COVID-19 (coronavirus), many schools and universities have moved their teaching online to ensure safety and continue the learning process. How have students adapted to the shift from face-to-face classes on campus to virtual classrooms? We spoke to our students to understand their experience and asked them to share some useful tips for the student community:


Strike a Healthy Balance

“When the world is facing a challenging time, it’s up to us to adapt to the changing circumstances and keep moving forward. With the advent of e-learning, education has been made more convenient, replacing classrooms with our home and all its comfort. Don’t forget to relish your mom’s food in between classes and keep your hands away from the rest of your face – before, after and during munching!” advises Abhimanyu Shivaji, SP Jain Dubai Student Council UG President and a second-year student.

As part of the Global Learning & Student Life team, I would urge you to also participate in online competitions and creative contests, especially during this time of COVID-19 – where we must practice social distancing. It’s an opportunity to self-reflect, express and explore talents. Read more about SP Jain’s online festival and competitions.

Being Prepared is Key to E-Learning

Abhijeet Nasery, a Global MBA (January 2020) student, recommends checking your internet connection and logging in at least 15 minutes before a class starts. He adds it’s important to ensure no heavy applications are running in the background during the session and that you use a good set of headphones compatible with your device.

Amara Dorothy Tan, a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student, suggests testing your audio and video and making sure you are involved in the class. “You just got to have those participation points!” 💯

Connect, Learn and Have Fun!

“We are using the Engaged Learning Online (ELO) platform at SP Jain and I can say that, as a traditional learner, it’s opened new horizons to e-learning. To continue your academics is a ray of hope during the global lockdown,” says Raghav Bhowmik, a Master of Global Business (January 2020) student. “Stay connected, curious and engaged – not for the marks or because you have to, but because you want to – it changes how you approach your learning,” he adds.

“Work hard, but also have fun wisely! SP Jain professors are your best friends! Do not be afraid to approach. Instead, connect with them to seek help and opportunities for growth,” says Phuong Nguyen, a second-year student.

“Always dig deeper, engage with professionals across the world to build a wider perspective about the area of study and, most importantly, pursue relevant certifications to stay updated and ready for the real world,” shares Rohan Bhatia, a final-year BBA student.

Focus & Say ‘No’ to Distractions

It’s hard not to get distracted when you’re online. One way of doing so, according to Abhijeet, is to log off from all social media websites. Better still, keep your phone away. 🚫

Amara feels it’s essential to be in a place conducive for learning to minimise distractions and avoid staying in bed. 😴

Raghav adds that maintaining a correct posture and avoiding a distracting setup goes a long way, especially when lectures are long J Don’t forget to stretch!

The 2 ‘H’s: Always Stay Hydrated & Hygienic!

Amara emphasises on the importance of staying hydrated and advises you to keep a 1-litre water bottle next to you during class.

Speaking about hygiene, Abhimanyu shares, “Hygiene should not be secondary; please look after it. And freshen up before your class starts.”

Here’s a tip from our Professor:

Dr Monica Gallant (Associate Professor – Accounting, SP Jain) says it’s crucial to keep your attention focused on the online lesson by taking notes and being an active participant in group activities.

How are you adapting your study plans in response to the global pandemic? Share your e-learning tips!

About the Author: Megna Kalvani


Megna Kalvani is Senior Manager for Global Learning & Student Life at SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai Campus.

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