Securing Multiple Career Leaps With the SP Jain Executive MBA – Himanshu Singh’s Story

A National Institute of Technology (NIT) graduate who started his career in Punjab (India), Himanshu Singh (Executive MBA Class of 2021) always had an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for life. Over the years, Himanshu worked in production, sales, and marketing verticals across multiple industries including telecom, technology, banking and retail. He has proven his skills with big corporations and growing start-ups alike and is currently working as the International Manager (Operations Governance) with Emirates NBD.

Let’s get to know a bit more about Himanshu’s journey and his Executive MBA (EMBA) experience at SP Jain.

How did your learnings from the SP Jain Executive MBA help you in your career?

The SP Jain EMBA classroom was truly diverse and a perfect stage for me to improve on personality flaws such as shyness and hesitation. The peers in my cohort came from different industries and backgrounds, and learning with them helped me grow with every interaction.

During the 18 months of the program, we covered 33 courses including simulations, Applied Business Research (ABR), and several cutting-edge topics relevant to the current business world.

Since your time at SP Jain, you have had multiple vertical moves. What factors contributed to your continued career growth?

I was a consultant a little more than 2 years ago. Since then I became a senior consultant, an engagement manager, a project manager, and then the International Manager (Operations Governance). At each step, I proactively applied the concepts and techniques I learnt during my SP Jain Executive MBA.

One of the important learning methods at SP Jain is Applied Business Research (ABR). My ABR was an enabling factor not just for my career, but also for my organisation. The model I developed under the guidance of my academic and industrial mentors has the potential to improve the governance approach across several industries.

During my education tenure, I realised that it is critical to apply all your classroom learnings at your work daily. Once the senior management and decision-makers start noticing your new skills, they will want to delegate more important work to you. Promotions are just a secondary outcome of this – the primary result is that you become the go-to person for all the new challenges and projects that arise at the company.

What has been your favourite aspect of the EMBA program?

It is difficult to identify just one favourite thing about my EMBA journey. However, my peers and faculty were the best aspects of the program without a doubt.

The faculty body at SP Jain is made a mix of academics and industry experts, and they were extremely knowledgeable in their fields. Training under them was amazing since they used innovative teaching methods and kept every discussion participative. On the other hand, my peers turned into my family and a global network at the same time. I’m still in touch with most of them and intend to have them as a part of my life for a long time to come.

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