Breaking corporates shackles to start a wealth management boutique

Our alumni community comprises over 4,000 graduates who have gone on to do amazing things in their lives and careers. They serve as innovators in the global business community, manage businesses for some of the world’s top multinational firms and turn ideas into new companies.

Deeraj Shetty

Two such graduates, who have done us immensely proud, are Deeraj Shetty and Rakshit Goval, founders of Ethos Wealth Management – an investment advisory firm that focuses on tax efficiency and risk management. According to the duo, most people invest their savings in opportunities sold by cunning relationship managers, insurance agents and advisors. Ethos, on the other hand, ensures that you are not sold underrated products for commission. “We work on various strategies, depending on the client’s risk appetite, modified duration strategies and several other factors that help us map out our client’s asset allocation,” shares Deeraj.

The idea for Ethos came about while they were interning with Citibank NRI Wealth Management in Singapore. Their short stint with Citibank allowed them to identify glaring glitches in the way banks work for their customers. Creating a niche in a market dominated by major banks and financial institutions was a challenge for the young entrepreneurs. The biggest challenge, however, was in getting customers to realise the cost and tax implications of buying products from banks, insurance and financial agents.

As Ethos continues to grow, the SP Jain duo plans to hire financial planners and utilise their knowledge to create a subsidiary and reach out to MNCs, technological firms and major corporates to help their employees with a solution for income tax, investment tax, and loans.

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