Future Digital Marketeers Get Hands-on Learning Experience in a 2 Day Live Project

Hands-on and case study based – there is truly nothing that can beat this form of learning, especially in the field of Digital marketing.

Live Project by DMM Students

As a visiting faculty at SP Jain School of Global Management for the past year, I have been privileged to be a faculty for their previous two intakes and the current batch of Digital Marketing & Metrics (DMM), training the students with a few sessions on Digital Marketing Social Media ROI.

I run Techdivine Creative Services, one of India’s top Digital agencies that has catered to clients across 6 countries and has Won 4 Global Award & Recognitions during the past 8 years. As a part of the current Digital Marketing & Metrics Batch 4 training sessions, I reached out to one of my clients, Paramparik Karigar, who allowed the students to be a part of their live event promotions as well.

For those of you who might not know, Paramparik Karigar is an association of craftsmen, founded in 1996 with the assistance of Roshan Kalapesi. The principle aim of Paramparik Karigar is to preserve and promote traditional art and craft of India, to ensure that craftsmen continue to create their craft, earn a sustainable income and encourage their children to continue the tradition by passing it on to them and ensure their skills stay relevant and alive.

As a part of their 2-day live project and hands-on learning experience, the DMM students promoted Paramparik Karigar Event, Exhibition & Workshop in Juhu, Mumbai.

The Karigars of this NGO were Master Craftsmen, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan & National Award Winners of India’s Art, Crafts & Textiles.

Let’s take a look at the various activities done by students as a part of their project:

• Social media strategy
• Digital strategy & promotions
• Content marketing
• Live Blogging & SEO
• SEM & PPC – Adwords, Instagram & Facebook ADS
• Live Facebook, Periscope & Instagram
• Influencer Marketing

DMM4 SP Jain Techdivine EventThe students took an amazing interest right from the moment they landed in Juhu at the client site and took charge of the activities that were assigned to each of them from my end during the 4-day planning and session activities organised in preparation for this Live project.

Every single student geared up, planned and strategised, ran it by me, and made their activities live using various tools, content marketing SEO strategy guides, Facebook Live, Periscope Live, Adwords and Facebook Ad strategies, Live Blogging, Influencer marketing strategy and of course, creative content engagement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through the two-day campaign live event and workshop coverage.

Students showed tremendous grasp of learning – they adapted to last minute changes, edits, engagements, interacted with every single artist and master craftsmen and at the end made it a wonderfully engaging and immensely learning experience for each and every one of them while generating live real-time engagement and results which they tracked, monitored and improvised at every stage (with my approval of course) through the hands-on live event process.

It’s always wonderful to be a part of SP Jain’s exciting teaching experiences as a visiting faculty. I’ll always be grateful for the same!

About the Author: Ananth V

Ananth V is a Global Award Winning Digital Marketing Professional and a renowned international speaker in the field of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship across industries and countries. An IIM graduate with over 14 years of work experience, he has worked with varied advertising agencies and corporates for leading global brands. Over the years, Ananth has received a series of global awards for his expertise. From being the “Most influential Digital Marketing Leaders 2016” by CMO Asia and World Marketing Congress to winning first place in the Global Peter Drucker Challenge Award in Entrepreneurs category and being interviewed by BBC Business Worldwide News Money & Finance, at GPDF14 in Vienna, Austria “Global Business: Young Horizons”, Ananth also serves as a speaker, influencer, panellist and corporate trainer on Digital Marketing discussions.

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