Rohit Vasan (Global MBA’17) shares what makes SP Jain’s tri-city experience truly life-changing

Rohit Vasan Global MBA Experience

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for anyone who has the chance. Whether it be a 6-week summer program or a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program, the experiences you have stay with you for life. Looking back now, I have enjoyed the thrills of living overseas as an Indian.

Leaving your comfort zone is never easy and, as someone who has lived in India for 27 years, one is sure to come across many obstacles. But it makes us mature as young adults to navigate these as they arise; things such as missed flights, visa setbacks, school stresses and homesickness, among many others. These challenges are what make us stronger along with the many cherished relationships and memories made throughout the journey.

Rohit Vasan Global MBA Experience 3

This is what makes studying abroad truly life-changing and something I will always remember fondly. And that isexactly what SP Jain has provided me with. The Global MBA (GMBA) program with its unique tri-city model has introduced me to a diverse background of nationalities, vastly different cultures, business styles and unparalleled diversity.

Every day at SP Jain is busy. Classes, assignments, Student Board Rooms (SBRs), associations, projects, networking activities, quizzes, etc. leave you with a packed schedule. So, every moment counts. Every free moment is an opportunity to explore the location you are at. They say that if you have a day where you are not making a trade-off between 2 or 3 activities at a time, you are not living the SP Jain experience.

Rohit Vasan Global MBA Experience 2
What I really liked about SP Jain’s Global MBA program was the methodology of teaching, the setting of the class and its highly practical modus operandi. Presentations, group work, tests, discussions, etc. endowed me with the practical skills that I need to be successful as a business manager. The Global Learning activities such as the Blue Mountains Trek in Australia, the Dragon Boat Race in Singapore and the various activities conducted in Dubai allowed me to explore the countries that I lived in and rake in the cultural diversity on display.

SP Jain is a great place to further your education especially if you, like myself, are interested in developing a truly global career. The School teaches outside of the regular theories and all the learning is always updated and effectively upgraded based on the latest industry/business trends.

Written by Rohit Vasan (GMBA Sep’17 student).

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