Global MBA – May’17 students at Singapore Receive Brilliant Feedbacks for Global Immersion Projects

The Global Immersion Project (GIP) is a unique, creative and collaborative industry interface project initiative undertaken by the students of our Global MBA program, where we deploy our students with select reputed organisations in Singapore. Students are assigned a Business Challenge with the theme “Growth, Innovation and Strategy”, and at the end of their project, they provide strategic recommendations to address the business challenges under study.  These projects help encourage the strategic decision-making capability amongst our students in real-life business scenarios.

Some of the companies our students worked with during the last year include Dell, Caterpillar, FreightKart, DHL E-commerce, Allergan, Tolaram Group – Indonesia, IDC, Isentia, IQVIA, and Graymatics. We thank our industry partners for giving our students this wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow in the global business environment. We look forward to many such fruitful industry-academia partnerships in future as well.

What did the companies have to say about our students? Let us take a look!

DELL_GIP_Jan 2018
Global MBA – May’17 Students at Dell, Singapore

Dell Global B.V. – Mr. Praveen Kumar, Senior Manager, DELL (WPP)
It was a great experience to work with Suraj, Chow bow and Samrat. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with the team, and I must say they did a fabulous job with ALP project deliverables. Nevertheless, there is always some room to improve, and it is important to identify those to continue our journey of learning. We would definitely keep a lookout for such engagement opportunities which helps us to get good talent pool into our workforce.

PT Bank Amar Indonesia (part of Tolaram Group) – Mr. Vishal Tulsian, Managing Director
We are very thankful to be considered for this project. The students Ms. Vedika Gupta, Mr. Arjun E. & Mr. Subir very are co-operative, eager to learn and have the willingness to meet our expectation in such limited time. We appreciate their hard work toward this project and the result of this project is impressive.

Caterpillar_GIP_Jan 2018
Global MBA – May’17 Students at Caterpillar, Singapore

Caterpillar Inc – Ms. Julie Jain, Strategy Manager
Dear Joel, Shashwat, Rose and Tanvi, Excellent work put together by all 4 of you. Really enjoyed the interactions with you all.

FreightKart Pte. Ltd.  – Mr. Mannan Pacha, Director and Co-Founder
It was great working with the student team of Irfan, Harshit, Milind and Rana. They brought a lot of enthusiasm with them, were quick to understand the business that we are in and the concerns we were trying to resolve. They showcased the right mind set, level of pragmatism and resourcefulness while working on the project. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and all the success in their careers ahead!

Allergan GIP _Jan 2018
Global MBA – May’17 Students at Allergan, Singapore

Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd – Ms. Tai Yin Yee, Senior Marketing Manager
It was a pleasure working with Vidhi, Firdaus and Siddhant. Please convey my best wishes to the students for all their future endeavours.

Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd Mr. Murugan Pillai, Senior Marketing Manager
Both Ganga & Kashish did an excellent job. Congratulations to SP Jain on coming up with this idea.  Good luck.

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