Gaining a foothold in the Digital Marketing world – The internship story of Vidhi Vora

Right after my DMM Program with SP Jain, I got a wonderful opportunity to intern with Techdivine Creative Services, an experience which helped me learn the tips and tricks of Digital Media under my mentor. I worked with Mr. Ananthnarayanan V (Founder & CEO – Techdivine Creative Services) who was also our faculty during the course with SP Jain. Prof Ananth is a global award winning Digital Marketing professional and a renowned international speaker in the field of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Technology, and Entrepreneurship across industries and countries. An IIM graduate with over 14 years of work experience, he has worked with varied advertising agencies and corporates diversified across the divisions of Sales, Marketing, Product Branding, Training, and IT, for leading global brands.

The internship was especially important for me because I got an opportunity to deal with clients, manage their Social Media Handles, nurture content carefully for a rise in the SEO Rank, and write pages for Wikipedia and IMDb among many other things. I got a thorough understanding of Paid Media and learnt how to operate with it.

Since I had an opportunity to intern with the professor himself, I got an opportunity to apply what I had learnt in the classroom, and gain more hands-on experience and expertise in the field. I had always dreamt of having a Digital Agency of my own, and this experience went a long way in making that wish come true.

Some advice I’d like to give to the future students of DMM at SP Jain would be to gain as much knowledge as you can and listen to every professor. You might sometimes feel that they are saying the same things, but learn to filter and grasp the best of things which you find useful. Question your peers, because you can learn almost as much from them as from the professors.

This story of #internsmakingadifference is written with inputs provided by Vidhi Vora (Student, DMM Class of 2017). Today, Vidhi is the Founder of Vhoo.

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