A Journey of Innovation and Impact: Insights from Saurabh Agarwal (PGDM 2006)

In an era defined by the urgent need for environmental responsibility, innovative solutions are emerging to combat the pressing challenges of climate change. Green hydrogen, carbon trading, and a myriad of other sustainability projects are at the forefront of this global movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

To get an insider’s perspective on these projects, we spoke to Saurabh Agarwal (full details), who is privileged to work in the sustainability field. Let’s hear it from him –

Hello there!

After completing my GMBA, I became an avid badminton player, appreciating it for the physical activity, camaraderie, and team dynamics it offers. My professional journey has led me to tackle numerous sustainability projects. These days, I’m immersed in the exciting world of green hydrogen, carbon trading, and other industry buzzwords.

Looking back, I recall searching for a comprehensive B-School to nurture my personal growth and academic pursuits. My choice of SP Jain Global was influenced by its unique program features, the course duration, and the institution’s renowned brand. I decided to specialise in Investment Banking, and what particularly attracted me was the chance to leverage my globally recognised degree in international and Indian settings.

While pursuing the GMBA multi-city program, Dubai left a lasting impression on me, mainly because of its focused curriculum. It instilled in me the valuable skills of working efficiently with limited resources and the importance of collaboration, all while maintaining a relentless determination to succeed. Not to forget, the daily quizzes, though challenging, certainly kept us on our toes.

Today, I’m a partner with ERM, the world’s largest pure-play sustainability advisory firm. I lead diverse teams and spearhead the development of innovative offerings. My role here is to craft impactful marketing campaigns and execute sustainability strategy projects on a global scale. In tandem, I play a pivotal role as a relationship manager for key accounts, fostering valuable client connections.

Talking about my contribution to enhancing the customer experience and my key specialities in the ESG sector, my expertise lies in strategy and data analysis. Utilising digital tools is a key factor in enhancing the customer experience. With a focus on private equity, energy, and banking, I deliver expert guidance through creating and distributing AI-powered solutions. Our innovative products empower clients to proactively manage ESG challenges by harnessing data for incident prediction, risk assessment, and opportunity identification. Drawing upon my strategic background, I’ve implemented a structured approach to embed sustainability scorecards and KPIs within organisations. Many regulatory frameworks, especially TCFD/TNFD (task force on Climate-related financial disclosures), require you to work from board level to strategy to risk and Metrics/Targets level. This requires a lot of strategic tools and policies. Notably, the Balanced Scorecard framework effectively bridges the gap between high-level strategy and the translation into actionable KPIs. My work revolves around harnessing the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create impactful products that address data and sustainability challenges. Currently, I have two active products, and I’ve formed strategic partnerships with top-tier RPA vendors, including Blue Prism, Infy, and Automation Anywhere, to collaborate on diverse RPA initiatives. Within my data management offering, NLP is a fundamental component, facilitating the management of structured and unstructured ESG data. To mention one of my initiatives on an innovative, sustainable solution, I have advocated using bamboo for packaging as tumblers for water, purchase bags, etc.

Let me share some advice for students looking to tread the same path as mine at SP Jain Global. I may not be the most inspiring individual, but one principle I ardently endorse is the significance of staying relevant above all. Beyond financial gains or location, our impact on our business truly counts. Maintaining a robust network of friends, nurturing a fulfilling personal life, and daily prayer alongside a robust family support system have kept me grounded, driven, and continually relevant. These practices have helped me, and they can be just as beneficial for you.

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