2016, the year full of fun & learning: What were our PG students up to in Singapore?

Life at S P Jain brings you an array of choices. The Singapore Campus hosted a lot of fun activities students after intriguing regular classes throughout the year 2016 for our GMBA & MGB students. Here is an inside look!

Talk with Emma Heap – MD of Foodpanda


Interacting with the leaders of the industry, students spoke to Emma Heap, Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore, and learnt how ‘Digital Commerce’ has impacted the Food and Beverage industry. She introduced the firms Rocket Internet and Foodpanda and also explained how it’s like to work with them.

When Football Meets Business

The students participated in a Football Competition with a Business Simulation touch. Team owners competed amongst themselves to form a team of their choice. Simulation of an auction process was aimed at bringing out skills like decision making, leadership, strategising, and negotiation skills.

Fireside chat– Technology, Innovations, and Implications

S P Jain hosted two Fintech leaders, Shrinath Bolloju, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore, and Vikram Sud, Senior Advisor, Mentor and Consultant, to share the technology innovations and implications in the financial industry today. During this Fireside chat, the students learnt about the current wave of technology innovations and implications for the financial services industry.

Cultural Night to Welcome Postgraduate Students


With the tri-city campus model, new students arrived at the Singapore campus after completing two semesters in Dubai and Sydney respectively. Instead of having country representatives, the students decided to fuse their cultural roots together in the form of song, music, and comedy. It was evening well spent welcoming new students on campus.

Industry Visit to the EMC Singapore office


Mr. John Clifford, Senior Director of EMC Singapore, shared his experiences and insights about the company and how they do business in this global world. He spoke about how the company started with complete focus on hardware and moved onto software as the requirements around the globe changed, EMC had to keep up with the global demand.

Dragon Boating at the Singapore Waters


The students had the chance to try out Dragon Boating at the Singapore waters. For many, it was their first time entering the waters of Singapore and also trying out this particular sport. Unlike other sports such as badminton or tennis, Dragon Boating is more intensive and slightly easier to pick up. Teamwork is everything in the game. A synchronised team will almost always beat a team of physically strong individuals who cannot work together. Completing the race developed a sense of pride and accomplishment among the participants.

These are just a few of the innumerable activities the students were a part of throughout the year 2016! Academics, though extremely important, played just one part in the student life in 2016. The academics along with the extracurricular activities play a huge role in bringing together the students in a memorable experience! College experience is one to be cherished for a lifetime.

We hope to see you aboard really soon. Have a great time!

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