SPJ Alumni Fiesta 2020 – A One-Of-A-Kind Celebration

What happens when your plans for a celebration go awry due to an unprecedented crisis? Do you cancel the plans you had carefully worked on, or do you take the celebrations up a notch by making it a grand virtual fiesta with excited participants from around the world? The SPJ Alumni Relations Team opted for the latter and recently organised the SPJ Alumni Fiesta 2020 – a dynamic cultural event that showcased the diverse talents of the global SPJ alumni community.

Full of exciting performances including songs, dances, instrumental music, and stand-up comedy, the fiesta showcased 10 hand-picked performers from the 8,500+ alumni community and created a global platform for our alumni to spend an evening full of festivities. While there were several memorable moments during the planning stage of the event, the highlight that brought a smile to all our faces was the determination our alumni showed to overcome all the challenges and put together one of the best events that the community had seen.

On D-Day, the always-bubbly Priyanka Vernekar (MGLuxM 2018) welcomed all the alumni with her charming smile and hosted the interactive event full of happy conversations, catch-ups about the time at SP Jain, and impromptu performances, along with the much-awaited showcasing of our chosen 10. Anu Madan (Deputy Director – Alumni Relations) and the global Alumni Relations team (aka the Organisers) were also present for the event, supporting, encouraging, and motivating the participants to put their best foot forward and ensure a celebration that’ll be remembered for a long time. Here’s what the participants and attendees had to say about the fiesta:

“It was a fantastic initiative and very well coordinated. Such a welcome change from all the topical webinars surrounding us these days. The participants were visibly enthusiastic which added to the colour of the event. Looking forward to an even bigger fiesta next year!”

Saurabh Bhalotia (Attendee) – GMBA 2009

“Kudos to the organising team for arranging such a wonderful festival! We had a super fun evening with everyone showcasing their talents, and I was so thrilled to get an opportunity to perform live for our global community. Hope this tradition continues every year. Cheers!”

Ankit Kaneri (Participant) – MGB 2016

“Thanks to the SP Jain team for arranging the wonderful musical fiesta. The variety of performances that were put up were phenomenal.  I believe that events like these are a great platform to showcase our passions and show the world that we don’t just excel professionally.”

Priyajit Ghosh (Participant) – EMBA 2014

Team SP Jain looks forward to making the SPJ Alumni Fiesta an annual tradition and hosting the celebrations at different campuses for our global alumni community every year.

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