‘Pride Award’ for Alumni is a proud moment for S P Jain Global

MGB AlumniThe success of our Alumni is a certainly a gold star moment for us at S P Jain. Their successes are actual validations of the relevance of the curriculum, our teaching methods and the sheer dedication and hard work of our alumni.

One such moment happens to be that of Jatin Mahani. Part of our MGB 2014 Intake, he bags a prestigious award at his current employment, Thomas Cook India Ltd. Winning the ‘PRIDE AWARD’ in the category- Pioneering the Future, he adds to his accolades yet another award for his skilled business acumen and an enthusiastic approach to challenges. Jatin Mahani happens to be among the seven employees to receive this award in the entire organisation.

“We salute your passion for innovation and the desire to constantly work on new ideas, Your enthusiastic response to challenges and innovative approach is bringing about creative solutions is truly exceptional” was one of the many reactions Jatin received after being awarded.

What is remarkable about this award is not just the category in which Jatin’s attributes are identified, but the fact that he was able to achieve this only after four months of joining Thomas Cook India. He was immediately able to contribute to the organisation after completing his 16-month MGB program.

Sharing his story with us, he is “ecstatic” on receiving this and extends this opportunity to offer acknowledgement to the institute for grooming and honing him to compliment his achievements. He extends the credits of his success to his teachers and mentors and is truly humbled by their contributions.

We are very pleased to share his success and wish him best of luck for his ventures in the future.

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