Emerging as a 21st century Global Leader: Alumnus Jitendra Shukla joins Accenture, UK

Jitendra Shukla, Accenture
Jitendra Shukla, Accenture Consulting, London, UK

Post my Global MBA at S P Jain I joined Yes Bank Ltd at Mumbai. I was recruited for Technology and Business Group in the bank to manage the Business Intelligence/Analytics Application portfolio. During my stint at Yes Bank, I went through tedious yet enriching experience of learning different aspects of banking and experienced in detail how technology supports the ecosystem in any financial services.

I did my GMBA post 5 years of experience in IT services. I already worked at different roles however I wanted to shape my thought process to think more like a business professional. As part of curriculum at GMBA, I learned different aspects of general management, IT project management, consulting, analytics and intelligence which I was able to synthesis to an extent in my job at Yes Bank. The course includes a rigorous process of building knowledge in different ways by making students work in teams, interacting with business people around, assigning corporate projects, attending corporate workshops and hearing corporate leaders, alumni, socialists from different non-profitable organisations.  The whole exposure helped me to gather the best of the countries I studied in, work styles and cultures and enhanced myself professionally and personally.

I have recently joined Accenture Management Consulting in London, UK as a Consultant in Banking Domain. I am working with some of the biggest banks in the world to help them with their business challenges. Accenture has given a platform to understand the consulting world more closely and work with leaders in financial services which is like a dream come true.  I could see myself using the knowledge I gained in my academics which makes the whole GMBA experience at S P Jain more fruitful to me.

Batch – April 2013 

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