Padmanabh Diwanji-testimonial

SP Jain School of Global Management’s alumnus, Padmanabh Diwanji, lists the time spent at S P Jain as an extremely rewarding and enriching experience. He talks about how the whole course was centered on relevant knowledge being imparted in an experiential environment. Here are a few excerpts from his interview.

Q. What are your key takeaways from your time at SP Jain?

A. My time at SP Jain was immensely fulfilling. The case study approach that was the dominant portion of the teaching methodology exposed us to actual business scenarios rather than just theoretical concepts. The expectation that most basic theories should be read and internalized before the course, and the collective experience of the cohorts while discussing the case studies made the learning stick. The group tasks and assignments also added value in preparing us for team dynamics, task planning, and execution. It is relevant to mention that the ongoing assessment did assist in keeping the focus sharp throughout the program.

Q. How did the GMBA help you as a professional?

A. You are sharing a whole year on a full time basis with fellow batch mates who have their own strengths and experiences. This makes you a more confident person and gets you in sync with your capabilities. You are bound to emerge as a stronger professional. Not to mention that the constant presentations and teamwork pushed even the most introverted students to become excellent communicators, team builders and team players – skills that are sadly missing in many professionals. Most times, these skills make a crucial difference in career progression.

Q. SP Jain prides itself on its global and experienced faculty. What was your experience with the faculty while doing your GMBA?

A. The faculty was a good mix of industry professionals who are still working, industry veterans, and academics. Course content and faculty experience is essential. The knowledge imparted has to be relevant in the contemporary world and this is where industry professionals were the key; for example, in marketing and advertising. Where conceptual clarity is vital and fundamentals are required to be strong, industry veterans and academics were a massive help such as in analytics and finance.

Q. Would you like anything to tell the future students of GMBA with SP Jain?

A. I need to warn the aspirants that the course is intensive and requires the full commitment of time and effort. Be ready for sleepless nights and tight submission deadlines. Invariably though, you will quickly settle into a ‘work hard – party harder’ routine. The multicity model, in addition to exposing you to a different business environment, also enriches you from a cultural perspective. You will have memories for a lifetime and make lifelong friends.
The program has imparted relevant knowledge and requisite skillsets for tackling today’s dynamic business environment. And for that I would unhesitatingly recommend the course. It is a worthwhile experience.

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