Sahil Jain -1My experience at S P Jain was phenomenal. For me, it wasn’t just the courses but more about sharing and learning from others’ experiences, teamwork, changing the approach to work and most significantly the bond I still share with my friends from SP Jain.

When asked about the changes he underwent post the completion of his MBA, he suggested that after graduating, he came out a much more confident person with a focused approach, able to not just work with others but lead them as well.“Immediately after graduation, I joined a multi-national company and though worked there for only a year, I was able to make a positive change to my work environment. That’s when I realized that the rigorous course at S P Jain helped me work with a different and more confident attitude, a positive approach and this made a tremendous difference to me at work”. Sahil continued.

Sahil is currently running his family business, Railtech, along with his father. Railtech is a business of steel fabrication of rail components and it supplies these products directly to the Indian Railways. The company supplies more than 1600 different components to the railways and today is diversified into 4 industry verticals.

Sahil further commented that ever since the time he joined, his main focus has been to improve the efficiency at work and also to streamline the existing processes, all of which he contributes to understand better after studying at S P Jain. “Working here for 4 years now, I have been able to optimize the inventory levels, increase the productivity sizably and now have been focusing on diversifying the business into newer verticals”, Sahil adds proudly.

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