Alumni Entrepreneur Series: Piyush Garg

The Alumni Entrepreneurs Series (Alumni) at S P Jain seeks to feature some of the most talented and enthusiastic alumni who have, after completing their MBA taken on to start their own businesses. Featuring this month, Mr. Piyush Garg, alumnus from our GMBA 2008 batch shared with us his S P Jain experience.

“My entire education and professional career before joining S P Jain, had included being at the best premier educational institutions and companies. After my Engineering Degree at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, I had joined Tata Motors in Jamshedpur, where my core domain was Operations & Sourcing”, shared Piyush.

He talks about how he remained slightly unsure about choosing to do MBA with S P Jain, a relatively new school at the time. “But what I experienced at S P Jain later was phenomenal.  You have to experience it to believe it”, remarked Piyush.  He goes on to speak about how at S P Jain, he had the opportunity to share and gain knowledge from a wiser and more experienced lot of co-participants coming from varied backgrounds and age groups. “The opportunity to learn from the best faculty at S P Jain, and the visiting faculty from the best B Schools across the globe, has given me a much broader and global perspective. When one lives in a fast changing global environment across multiple campuses, it adds to one’s flexibility, adaptability, and an ability to understand and integrate more into the cosmopolitan economy”, Piyush pointed out.

Piyush shared that he was very glad that he took up the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management course at S P Jain, after a chat with President Nitish Jain. “Today what I do is all about Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chains, from countries across South East Asia, the Middle East and China”.

An unswerving academic performer during his course, Piyush was placed at Kaybee Group upon the completion of his GMBA program. “It helped me launch my global career, and my experience in Shanghai furthered my expertise to launch my own company later. Today what I do is what my education gave me. Although I have come back to my home town to start my own business, what my work is – it’s all about exploiting the ‘Global’ in ME & MY SUPPLY CHAINS.  I love bringing back what I know”, Piyush highlighted.

About Powertek Engineering Private Limited

Piyush Garg has now successfully launched his own company in Darjeeling, establishing its private label of FMCD and Industrial products in eastern India, known as PowerFLO.  It is a small and lean company that has silently challenged the markets of big players in the region. Today the private label has crossed the 100 SKU mark – independent products and spares which are used by industries, domestic consumers. The company has recently propelled into the area of Precision Agriculture, and right now are enjoying mechanising the tea industry in Darjeeling. It hopes to bring in more technology, grow more in the times to come, and increase the private label business across India.

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