Make the most of yourself: Amrita Singh talks about Career Development

career development

Talent will get you the opportunity, but it is your attitude that will eventually determine your success.
Through our EMBA program here in Mumbai, this is the shift that professionals can hope to eventually accomplish alongside gaining subject matter expertise and overall management skills.
While in conversations with many existing students, we often hear concerns over increasing competition, job uncertainty, professional burnout, and many other issues.
It is therefore essential, now, that working professionals are constantly upgraded and updated, not just in their domain, but also in their wholeness as individuals.
At S P Jain School of Global Management, we approach ‘Career Development’ from many possible angles. Our CDP is an ongoing, in-depth, and extremely interactive process, both on the part of our Development coaches and of the students.

Expertise and resources that one can expect to find here.

personality developmnent

Training & Development Interventions:
Through these, we aim to provide an eclectic mix of learning and growth for our students. The interventions are conducted every week and last for an hour. We target workshops based on behaviour and attitude, to upskill our students with the necessary tools and personal readiness. Being group sessions, the dynamism in these workshops is very different from what you would see in one-on-one sessions. The learnings from these interventions can be carried forward to individual mentoring sessions.

Resume Building:
Some of our EMBA students are looking for a job change, and hence it is imperative that they are equipped for the best possible degree. We understand that the Resume is the first impression of any candidate in their professional career and our resources are designed to ensure the optimisation for the same.
A large chunk of our students are happy and growing in their current profiles, but at the same time, they do like us to engage with them on this, so as to remain updated.

Interview Skills:
Your attitude is what usually pervades in most interview sessions. Regardless of whether our students are looking for a job change or not, we like to take them through the nuances of interviewing skills, both as a candidate and as a recruiter.

One-One Mentoring:
Riding the wave of global change can be daunting and tiresome. Developing essential skill sets such as resilience, courage, compassion, and creativity, among others, is crucial for a personal and professional development. In our one-on-one mentoring sessions, we address behavioural and professional concerns to bring our students up the curve.

Industry Connect & Networking:
We strongly believe in creating and maintaining networks with peers, with industry leaders, and with the alma mater. We are constantly engaging with our alumni and professionals from various industries through guest sessions and panel discussions. Through this, we encourage our students to create and build networks of their own so they can maximise their opportunities.

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