SP Jain MGB Alumnus, Riddhi Vaid shares her internship story

Ridhi Vaid 1Riddhi Vaid, from our MGB Class of 2016, shares her SP Jain MGB internship story and the amazing experience of working in Australia.

Q: What made you choose Australia for your internship?

A: Australia’s economy is thriving and it is so well connected to the rest of the world. Interning in Sydney helped me network with professionals in my industry from all over the globe. It is a vibrant city filled with festivities and boasts a hoard of events which helped me make new friends and understand the Aussie culture.  Moreover, there is so much you can get on to when you are living in Australia—  from deserts, to forests, to the reef, you can be swimming with dolphins one day and trekking through a rainforest the next day.

Q: Tell us more about your internship experience at Think Creative & Print.

A: Think Creative & Print is a full service, multidisciplinary advertising, communications and branding agency. They build brands, transform companies and create strategic campaigns and marketing communications for their clients. They are experts in branding and re-branding campaigns, logo and corporate identity development, corporate communications, digital campaigns, promotions management and website design and management. They also manage print and distribution of marketing products for their clients.

Q: What was your role within the company?

A: I was the Marketing & Social Media Coordinator. So, right from Branding, Advertising, Design and Social Media Marketing — I was involved in all of the company’s marketing activities. In order to successfully complete my internship, I had to handle various concepts of marketing such as Product Brand Architecture, Brand Values, Brand Rejuvenation, Logo Development, Launch strategies for brands and market research of competitors to support and validate my suggestions. The internship gave me an overall understanding of the day-to-day operations of an advertising agency. I also got a fair bit of hands-on experience with website design and management and packaging/brochure design.

Q: Tell us more about your experience working with teams in a multi-cultural setting? How was the team diversity and dynamics with your co-workers?

Sydney boasts an eclectic gathering of diverse people from over 180 different nations who speak over 140 languages. Australia does have a substantial amount of slang but it is easily picked up during your stay. Before you know it, you will be heading to the ‘Big Smoke’ for a ‘barby’ and knowing exactly what that means! The things I learnt from interacting with such diverse nationalities at SP Jain, helped me build stronger connections with people from varied nationalities. It was a learning experience to understand and comprehend the work styles and ethics of each different community—both co-workers and clients. It helped me build a global network of people who offer support, advice and a new perspective in my industry.

Q: Lastly, what would you indicate as the key areas of learning from your internship experience?

Working in Australia helped me sharpen my soft skills and learn to adapt quickly to the dynamic environment. It helped me handle new situations and tackle daily challenges that come with living in a new country independently which in turn gave a boost to my self-confidence. This experience taught me many valuable attributes like time management, direct client interface and handling projects individually.

More than anything, the internship opportunity with Think Creative & Print helped me expand my viewpoints about the industry—learning things from a global perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the world and current events related to my field of study.

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