How have we evolved our Executive MBA approach to meet the educational needs of the working professional?

The simple answer is, “We believe in offering innovative solutions.” Our  Executive MBA (EMBA) has been built from the ground up for the busy working professional. It is an 18-month part-time business degree that fits around work schedules, with classes on weekends in the evening.

If you ask us what separates the EMBA from SP Jain School of Global Management from any other online degree, we answer that–proprietary, self-developed software built for student engagement offers a classroom-like environment online. Engaged Learning Online (ELO) stands out as an innovative virtual classroom platform tailored specifically for higher education, prioritising real-time engagement and interaction. Unlike platforms adapted from office settings, ELO was purposefully crafted with the student experience and academic environment at its core, ensuring a seamless and practical learning experience.

One of the key features of ELO is the professor’s ability to make eye contact with students and interact in real-time. This dramatically increases engagement and comes close to replicating real classrooms. The ELO studios, where professors conduct their lessons, are set up with robotic tracking cameras that allow them to engage in one-on-one conversations with students as if they were sitting side-by-side.

Tailored for the needs of busy working professionals, the online EMBA program offers a modular structure, enabling students to progress through their academic pursuits at their tempo. This adaptable format accommodates diverse schedules and ensures uninterrupted learning amidst unforeseen circumstances like career shifts, relocations, or significant life changes.

Central to the widespread acclaim of the ELO platform is its live translation feature, facilitating real-time access to classes for students worldwide. With support for over 100 languages, learners can seamlessly participate in lectures and discussions, receiving translations as sessions unfold.

Speaking on using ELO during EMBA classes, Anuradha Kane, Sales Manager, BMMI, said: “Despite being virtual, SP Jain Global provides a seamless, real-time and engaging experience with instructors and cohorts through its ELO platform. The program provided me with valuable opportunities for professional and personal growth. The program is thoughtfully curated to integrate relevant and current case studies and in-class discussions with theoretical concepts. Faculty members bring extensive industry experience, and many maintain active roles within their respective industries.”

Jyoti Kumar, geophysical manager at PGS in Cairo, said: “When it comes to teaching and learning, ELO stands out. While widely utilised in the industry, other digital platforms are useful for business meetings and general communication; they are not as well suited for creating an engaging learning environment in the classroom. I was surprised by the amount of engagements ELO offered and never felt that I missed a lot by not opting for the classroom option. Features like raising hands, chats and quizzes made it very engaging, making the learning journey fun with classmates and professors.”

Yash Mohan, a recent EMBA graduate and head of revenue assurance at Emtel, Mauritius, said: “The ELO experience was perfect for students like me, who face geographical constraints. ELO classes effectively eliminate such barriers, allowing me to access high-quality education anywhere. One notable benefit is the interactive nature of the learning environment. Through the utilisation of various tools such as chat functions, polls, and breakout rooms, active participation and engagement within the cohort are encouraged. Additionally, the flexibility provided by recorded sessions is invaluable. This feature allows students to review material at their own pace or catch up on missed live sessions, further enhancing the overall learning experience.”

An online EMBA allows students to collaborate with and learn from senior executives, entrepreneurs, and accomplished business leaders. This exchange of ideas and perspectives expands horizons, encourages novel thinking, and exposes individuals to innovative approaches to addressing business challenges. By leveraging purpose-built technology tailored to replicate office dynamics, such a degree not only facilitates career advancement but also offers a truly global educational experience accessible from anywhere in the world. Embracing online education equipped with the right tools is pivotal in shaping the future career trajectories of working professionals worldwide.

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