Emerging Technologies, Platforms and Services

Information and Communication Technologies

Rapid advancements in the ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) have propelled conspicuous industry-wide mega-trends during the last three decades. Most of these trends have led to the dissolution of legacy business models, affected pervasive business processes and functions, and have empowered customers and business stakeholders through a deep technology-headed disintermediation that was never seen before. Consequently, this has led to the emergence of various new ventures with novel business prepositions and at the same time has resulted in the demise of some prominent and ‘too big to fail’ business giants. The most imminent question, therefore, is how to envision, recognise and address the profound impacts of various emerging technologies and platforms.

For the business leaders of tomorrow it is imperative to make meaning of these technology-enabled dynamic environmental influences that are fast changing the business landscape. Emerging Platforms and Services is a course that aims to prepare a foundation for and strengthens this thought process.

The participants are taken through a process of generative thinking as they explore:

  • What are the major technology triggers? Will they sustain?
  • How these technology triggers create critical inflection points in the industry?
  • How firms recognise those trends or fail to recognise?
  • How are various firms responding to those changes?
  • How industry-ecosystems change and products become irrelevant?
  • How new business models emerge? Etc.

Various contemporary and classic cases and illustrations are discussed in class to reinforce the capability to think and envision the impact of emerging technologies and platforms on business at large. Wide varieties of examples from diverse fields are discussed; from banks, healthcare and retail sectorto even military, social and agriculture sectors. Course delivery also ensures several short discussions to dissect these diverse examples for understanding the ever transformative and disruptive nature of technology.

Written by: Dr. Dhrupad Mathur, Associate Professor (ITM) posted at S P Jain Dubai campus.

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