From an Intern to a Co-founder in 2 Months – Ankit Hiware’s Story (MGB 2021)

An engineer by chance, an MBA by choice, an entrepreneur by passion, and a social worker by heart – Ankit Hiware wears multiple hats in his daily life. A 5-time consecutive national handball player, Ankit lives his life by following a simple motto – ‘Never miss the opportunity to become a leader.’ After completing his Master of Global Business (MGB) at SP Jain in 2021, Ankit Hiware pursued an internship at Fineprint for 2 months before making his way into a Co-founder position. We caught up with Ankit to learn about his incredible journey.

Ankit Hiware - SP Jain MGB 2021

Q. How did you find this opportunity at Fineprint, and why did you choose to pursue it?

Ankit: I was all set to join Deloitte as an intern, but it was a random text message from a senior that completely changed my path. Fineprint had been formed just a few months ago, but the ideation of the company and the role offered to me were quite exciting. This was an immense platform for me to showcase my skills and scale up exponentially. As someone keen on taking high risks, I couldn’t miss this opportunity – I soon joined Fineprint as a Business Development Intern with no future estimation. 

Q. What was your internship experience like for the 2 months? How did you end up taking the co-founder role?

Ankit: During my internship, I was majorly looking after business strategy and expansion initiatives. Luckily for me, the CXOs were impressed with my work during this period and offered me a Co-Founder and CXO level role. This was truly exciting. A fresher starting his corporate life getting promoted to a leadership position within months – who would say no to this?

Ankit Hiware - MGB Class of 2021 - Class shot

Q. How did SP Jain help you in this transformational journey?

Ankit: I would say that the faculty, mentors, peers, and the entire SP Jain family worked together to make me corporate ready while also instilling the skills in me to ‘hustle’. While the curriculum was amazing in itself, we also participated in multiple activities and events that exposed us to the real-world business experience.   

Q. Could you tell us a bit about Fineprint? What does your role here currently look like?

Ankit: Fineprint is an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) company in the legal sector powered by Artificial Intelligence. We aim to bring transparency in legal activities for law professionals, lawyers, academic institutes, and laypeople. Currently, we are amid the early traction stage of market validation – we will soon be in the market with many diverse services.

Since it is in the building stage, you need to be thorough with multiple departments. In my current role, I closely look after finance, business development, and expansion. 

SP Jain MGB Class of 2021

Q, What qualities are you looking for in an employee at Fineprint?

Ankit: We want people who are determined to achieve individualistic and organisational goals rather than focus on monetary ones. An employee should be given the leisure to contribute to new ideas and possibilities and equally value them.

Customer Satisfaction + Employee Retention = Successful Business

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