Building a Career in Imagineering – Rishab Bhansali’s Story

A commerce graduate from Bangalore’s Christ University, Rishab Bhansali had done a couple of internships and spent a few years working with his family’s business before enrolling for SP Jain’s Master of Global Business (MGB) program in 2018. He recently started working as the Head of Marketing at Mana Projects Pvt Ltd, a real estate firm in Bangalore. We caught up with him to find out more.


Q: Tell us something about your profile at Mana Projects.   

Rishab: As the marketing head at Mana Projects, a major part of my work involves ideating, designing and executing marketing campaigns for both offline and online platforms and leading the marketing vertical of the company. My profile also extends to include planning and providing inputs for the construction and designing of new projects.

Q: What led you to choose your current line of work?

Rishab: The most significant factor that led me to my current line of work was my passion for marketing. While studying at SP Jain, I had immense learning from the Contemporary Marketing Management specialisation of the MGB program. I was a complete fresher with a few internships to show as a professional experience. The program helped me pursue my dream by bridging the gap between my passion and the position I am at today.

Q: What is the future of the real estate industry? What is the scope for our current/future students?

Rishab: Real estate is one of the major contributors to the country’s infrastructure and development. With new companies and projects coming up with new ideas every day, there is a high demand for fresh creative minds in the industry. I would say that the real estate industry has high growth potential, making it a good prospect for current and future students of SP Jain.

Q: What does a typical workday look like for you? How did you gain the skills required to excel in your role?

Rishab: A typical workday for me involves going through historical data, designing strategy for new campaigns, and tracking the work of the marketing department. I feel that attention to detail is a skill that is non-negotiable for my role.

The Master of Global Business (MGB) program at SP Jain is an all-encompassing program that includes workshops, lectures, industry visits, Student Board Rooms, and simulations, which helped me prepare for this job. The support provided by the highly qualified faculty has been amazing. Their knowledge and experience guided us throughout the program and helped us build a solid foundation in business & marketing. They helped us develop skills required to become future leaders, preparing us for a professional career in any role.

Q: Are there any classes or sessions from your time at SP Jain that you still find relevant and helpful in your current role?

Rishab: Whatever I learned in our classes on operations management, branding, integrated marketing communication, market research, and e-marketing has been extremely helpful to me in my current role. I still go back and refer to the notes I made in these sessions because they are extremely relevant to my job.

Q: Tell us how you prepared for the interview with Mana Projects?

Rishab: Before the interview, I went through all the important notes that I had made during the program. I also went through recorded videos of the mock interview sessions I had during my time at SP Jain, making a note of all the mistakes I had made back then and the faculty feedback and prepared myself for the interview with Mana Projects. With no prior professional experience other than a couple of internships, I was a little apprehensive when I went for the interview. However, I decided to go all out, trusted my instincts and knowledge, and gave it my best shot. Cracking the interview is something that I’m still proud of!

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