Just Do It – What I Learnt From My Interactions with SP Jain Global Graduate Harmeet Singh Chopra (Nike)

SP Jain School of Global Management recently hosted highly-anticipated alumni meet, profoundly impacting the current Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) students. The highlight of the event was the presence of Harmeet Singh Chopra, a distinguished alumnus who currently holds the position of Sr Director of Supply Chain Product Management at Nike. He graduated from the school about a decade ago and went on to build an impressive career in the supply chain management field. 

The evening began with a warm welcome from the faculty and staff of SP Jain Global, expressing their delight in hosting Harmeet Singh Chopra as the keynote speaker. Dr Rajiv Arserkar (Area Head – Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, SP Jain Global) conducted his interview. Known for his expertise in the field, Dr Arserkar skilfully led the conversation and encouraged Harmeet to share his professional journey, particularly his story of how Nike became an integral part of his career.

Harmeet took us through his early days after graduation when he embraced various roles and challenges across different industries. As he recounted his journey, it became evident how each experience, regardless of its nature, contributed to his growth and prepared him for the grand opportunity that awaited him at Nike. Additionally, he emphasised the significance of adaptability and the willingness to learn as essential traits for success in today’s dynamic business world. 

With great enthusiasm, Harmeet delved into the intricacies of Nike’s supply chain, offering valuable insights into how the company has built efficient operations. He highlighted the importance of collaboration and strong relationships with suppliers, stressing that a resilient supply chain is built on trust, transparency, and effective communication.

Throughout the event, Harmeet graciously responded to questions from the current GMBA students, who were eager to learn from his experience. His responses not only shed light on the practical aspects of supply chain management but also provided guidance on personal growth and career development. His ability to connect with the students and share stories from his life and the challenges he faced, left a profound impact on the audience.

As an attendee, I would like to highlight some of the key learnings from the event:

  1. Adaptability and the willingness to learn are essential traits for success in today’s dynamic business world.
  2. Each experience, regardless of its nature, contributes to personal growth and prepares individuals for future opportunities.
  3. Collaboration and strong relationship with suppliers is crucial for building a resilient and efficient supply chain.
  4. The foundation for a resilient supply chain is built on trust, transparency, and effective communication.
  5. Personal growth and career development require embracing challenges and seizing opportunities.

The alumni meet event at SP Jain Global with Harmeet Singh Chopra was an exceptional opportunity for the current GMBA batch to gain insights from a successful industry leader. His professional journey, the story of how Nike became an integral part of his life, and his expertise in building resilient supply chains served as an inspiration for the young aspiring business leaders in attendance.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks to Harmeet for his invaluable contribution and to SP Jain Global for organising such a meaningful event. The attendees left with their own set of takeaways, including the importance of embracing different roles and challenges in various industries. They also learned about building strong relationships and effective communication channels with suppliers, focusing on adaptability and continuous learning to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Moreover, seeking inspiration from successful industry leaders, and actively engaging with alumni networks and events helps gain insights and expand professional networks.

About the author

Having served in the merchant navy, Dhruv Datta brings a wealth of leadership experience and adaptability to his current pursuit of an MBA. As an army kid, Dhruv’s nomadic upbringing instilled in him a sense of curiosity and an appreciation for diverse cultures. His extensive travels have not only broadened his horizons but also forged invaluable connections around the world. Dhruv aspires to venture into entrepreneurship and make a meaningful impact in the realm of supply chain management.

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