The Standing Man – Kabir Mandrekar (GMBA, SP Jain) breaks the stereotypes through a story

In a world where mental illnesses are treated with utter disregard, SP Jain School of Global Management’s GMBA student Kabir Mandrekar has chosen to be a catalyst for change. While messages are often conveyed through various mediums like music, painting or poems, Kabir has chosen the very simple medium of an e-book to convey his message to a wide audience. Kabir Mandrekar’s e-book, “The Standing Man” was officially launched with Juggernaut Books on Friday, 17th March 2017.
“I want to bring an awareness that seeking professional help when it comes to personal problems should not be seen negatively. It is okay to consult professional help or at least communicate with people close to you if you are facing any problems,” says Kabir.

About “The Standing Man” –

“The Standing Man” is about a seventeen-year-old protagonist named “Bru” from Pune, India. All his life, this candid, and maybe overly outspoken teenager has always been misunderstood by people around him. Throughout his school term, he has faced a constant struggle to fit in. His step dad has only added more problems to his life by physically and mentally abusing him while his docile mother has just kept mum.

Bru is at a place where he is very angry and is trying to break out of his “prison”.

The story shares fifteen days of Bru’s life in real time. It takes the audience through various phases of Bru’s life and how he manages to break out of the “prison” that he was trapped in, with the help of a psychiatrist and his love interest.

The story is written in present tense, allowing readers to feel and grow along with the character as it builds up along the way.

About the Author –

Kabir Mandrekar is a Global MBA student from S P Jain School of Global Management, and an ex-entrepreneur in residence for Unicorn India Ventures. Kabir writes every day and has been passionately sacrificing his sleep to pursue a full-time MBA while also writing a book. After starting to write in January 2012, Kabir quit his job in journalism to focus on his book’s first-draft for at least six months. The manuscript has undergone several changes since then.
“The Standing Man” can be purchased via Juggernaut online. You can also reach out to the author at

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