Notable Alumnus Vidhika Dalmia Talks About Her Expedition

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Q. You did your GMBA with SP Jain. What have you gained from this course?
A. After the dream world of routine education, I took my first baby steps into the world of competition when I joined the SP Jain family. Darwin emphasised the importance of “survival of the fittest” and most people assume that an MBA enables that. To my pleasant surprise, such was not the case for me. GMBA wasn’t about surviving; it taught how to thrive (and do it well) no matter what the circumstances. Challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and discover a world full of endless possibilities; pushing me to realize latent potential; helping me realize that the learning imparted here wasn’t to be restricted to the professional world only – that’s what I have taken away from this course.
The rigorous year at S P Jain managed to transform a gawky fresher into a confident individual ready to take on any challenge that life threw her way.

Q. Did you have any corporate exposure before joining GMBA?
A. My exposure to the corporate world started at the Exide Industries Marketing department. Handling new product development, sales and after sales query resolution for multiple regions nationally was easy with the theory to back up the practical issues. A short stint at an SME manufacturing paint helped me translate the HR theory into practice.

Q. In what way have the courses you took at SP Jain helped you as an individual?
A. My biggest takeaway from the course were the lessons learnt in Prof Debashish Chatterjee’s SMILO classes and Mrs Rukmini Iyer’s classes on body language. Personally, I feel that a person can gain theoretical knowledge from books and internet, but you can never learn practical aspects like communication or dealing with ethical issues just by reading.

Q. You have achieved tremendous success as an author in the past few years. Could you tell us your experience with the same?
A. There is a myth that if an educated woman chooses to stay at home then it’s a waste of talent. I feel that every single day in my life proves this statement to be wrong. Managing a home involves logistics, time management, communication skills, and most importantly a sound knowledge of managing finances. Over the past few years of working as a content writer, I re-discovered my passion for writing. This led to the writing and publishing of two books (Owner of a Lonely Heart – fiction, The Book of Life – non-fiction) that have given me a deep sense of satisfaction. These books have been featured on popular e-commerce sites such as amazon, flipkart, and ebay. The general feedback for both were very positive and heartening, though I haven’t had much time to work on promoting them officially (I am too busy writing the third book!)

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