Meet the Husband-Wife Duo Climbing the Ladder of Success Together

Prabhjot Kaur and Harshit Sharma (Executive MBA Class of 2020) are a happily married couple based in Singapore who are currently working in Data Governance and Operations, respectively. Before moving to Singapore and starting their SP Jain journey together, they had completed their engineering degrees from reputed colleges in India and attained 6+ years of work experience in the industry.

We caught up with Prabhjot and Harshit to learn more about their journey.

Harshit Sharma & Prabhjot Kaur, Executive MBA Class of 2020 - 1
Harshit Sharma & Prabhjot Kaur
EMBA Class of 2020

Q. How did you know that it was time for you to do an MBA?

Harshit: I was always interested in areas like operations, finance, and strategy. So, my decision to complete an MBA was so that I could fill in the gaps in my skillsets and attain my learning goals.

Prabhjot: My original plan was to pursue an MBA right after my Engineering degree, but I wasn’t able to do that due to some financial constraints. So, I decided to wait for a few years, and I’m so glad I did that! When I finally joined SP Jain, not only was I financially stable, but I could also bring relevant industry experience with me into the classroom.

Q. How did you discover SP Jain’s EMBA? Why did you decide to enrol for it?

Harshit: I came to know about the program from a few friends based in Singapore, and I was quite excited to join. Thankfully, I was able to clear the admission interviews and secure my seat before I moved into a new role at work.
Once I learnt more about the program and realised how good the learning experience was, I recommended Prabhjot to the course as well. Studying together with my wife has been such an amazing experience!

Q. Could you tell us a bit more about your SP Jain experience?

Prabhjot: Both Harshit and I remember the numerous group assignments, tea breaks, and batch get-togethers so fondly! We made some lasting friendships at SP Jain, and even the relationships we share with each of our SP Jain professors are so special.

Harshit & Prabhjot - EMBA Class of 2020

Q. How did you manage to complete your EMBA degree together while having the perfect work-life balance?

Harshit: The SP Jain EMBA is designed specially to cater to the needs of working professionals, and that helped a lot, I’d say. But honestly, we are not the right people to answer this question. Some of our batchmates travelled extensively for work and managed young children at home, and still managed to complete the EMBA program with full rigour. They were our constant sources of inspiration throughout the 18 months.

Q. Who were some of your favourite faculty at SP Jain? What made them special?

Harshit: Oh, this is a difficult one! Both of us learnt a lot from every faculty member. Prof Seetharaman mentored us during the Applied Business Research (ABR), which was an immense learning experience. Prof B Natrajan also holds a special place in our hearts, since both of us love numbers.

Personally, I truly appreciate Prof Rajiv Aserkar for his profound insights on supply chain and operations, and Prof Rajesh Bathija for instilling an interest in project finance.

Q. What personal and professional improvements have you seen in yourself after graduating from the EMBA program?

Prabhjot: Being in the data field, there are a lot of analytical and project management skills that I gained during my time at SP Jain that truly helped me in excelling professionally.

Harshit: The EMBA helped me improve my skills in strategic thinking and decision making, and also helped gain an in-depth understanding of numerous concepts in finance and operations. The program not only helped us build our soft skills, but also helped us gain new perspectives, which helps us both personally and professionally.

Harshit Sharma & Prabhjot Kaur, Executive MBA Class of 2020 - 2

Q. During the program, you studied and networked with peers from diverse backgrounds and industries. How did this help you?

Prabhjot: One of the best experiences from our EMBA was interacting with highly experienced professionals from various industries such as oil & gas, banking, advertising, shipping, aviation, and so on. This allowed us to get first-hand insights into the operations of these industries, develop a deeper understanding of the business in general, and expand our network.

Q. What are some of your top achievements to date?

Harshit: Thanks to my learnings from SP Jain, I have been able to significantly revamp the operations at my current firm by implementing various cost-saving measures, automated processes, and HR policies.

Prabhjot: I was able to work on critical standalone projects, and was so thrilled when I received accolades for my project planning and the deliverables’ quality. We were also blessed to receive scholarships at various stages of our education, and it was so overwhelming when we made it into SP Jain EMBA’s Dean’s List as well!

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