How I Landed My Dream Role at EY

Graduating with a major in Digital Business Management from the MGB program began a journey that’s now steered me as a Functional Project Consultant at EY India.

Looking back, I realise that some of my most cherished memories and profound personal and professional growth were shaped during my tenure at SP Jain Global. The MGB program is meticulously designed to prepare us for the industry. Like all valuable pursuits, this program is an intense, comprehensive package requiring dedication, commitment, and perseverance.

Speaking of placements and the Professional Readiness Program (PRP), the guidance was hands-on, comprising case study exams, resume reviews, and mock interviews—an essential part of the preparatory phase. My internship and placement journey involved multiple rounds of rigorous resume reviews and mock interviews, mentored by various panel members and the Area Head. Beyond that, professors continued to extend support, offering guidance and training until the D-day of the interview. Furthermore, SP Jain Global’s alum mixers provided invaluable insights and networking opportunities, expanding our professional reach.  SP Jain Global’s workshops prepared us with hands-on experience in the latest tools and technologies, ensuring we were industry-ready.

A little on my tale: I did my internship at Aster DM Healthcare as a procurement intern, where I could leverage the negotiation skills I learned during the course and put supply chain concepts into practice. It was an enriching and memorable experience. Post that, in my current role at EY, I’m actively engaged in digital transformation, business, and data analysis, aligning with the focus of my major studies. Reminiscing on the days, being a part of the IICOM honed my planning and organisational skills, fostering the ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Initially overwhelmed with assignments and looming deadlines, I swiftly mastered the art, with ‘Planning’ being the silver bullet. I’ve discovered that the blend of eustress, juggling multiple tasks, and meeting deadlines has laid a robust foundation for launching a successful corporate career.

I’ve identified three pivotal elements that have left a footprint on the sand and can be critical aspects to shape the me version today-

  • The calibre of expert faculty and industry professionals.

Their knowledge and experience pushed us to the brink, fostering creativity, solution-driven thinking, critical analysis, and presentation finesse.

  • The student experience and engaging global learning activities.

The Global Learning activities offer rejuvenation and an immersive cultural exploration of the city.

  • The strategic planning by the school’s team

The program delivery, global learning experiences, and placement preparations were to a T.

My peers became my closest family away from home, offering unwavering warmth and support. The MGB program was like a roller-coaster ride filled with failures, resilience, and ultimate success. The school gifted me a treasure trove of memories and knowledge. Ultimately, the consistency, the high-pressure moments, and the discipline imbibed truly transform us personally and professionally.

About the Author

Pooja Priyadarshini (MGB 2023) is employed with EY India, specialising in consulting, assurance, tax, and transactions. She holds the Functional Project Consultant position.

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