How I Gained Technical Expertise and Essential Soft Skills at SP Jain Global- Prakhar Jain’s MGB Experience

Pursuing SP Jain Global’s MGB program proved to be a transformative experience for Prakhar Jain, equipping him with diverse skills that have proven pivotal in his career progression.

A dynamic individual with a degree in IT engineering, Prakhar has always possessed a natural inclination towards comprehending the technical aspects of software. Armed with his technical expertise and now a broader business perspective, he has gained a unique advantage in navigating the complexities of the global market.

How does Prakhar’s MGB experience continue to pave the way for him to make his mark in the ever-evolving world of business and technology? Let’s find out more about him over a quick chat.  

How did you decide to pursue SP Jain Global’s Master of Global Business? Which aspects of the program did you like the most?

SP Jain Global has consistently maintained its reputation as one of the top B-schools in India and worldwide. When I discovered the MGB course and its distinctive feature of studying in three different countries, I knew immediately that this was the opportunity I had been seeking. Upon delving deeper into the school’s offerings and curriculum, my confidence in my decision grew stronger. However, what truly solidified my resolve was when I learned about its exceptional faculty members. With their impressive expertise and industry experience, any lingering doubts in my mind were completely dispelled.

Which projects did you undertake as a part of the MGB curriculum? How did they contribute to your overall learning experience?

During my tenure at SP Jain Global, I actively participated in various projects, but one project stands out as particularly relevant and impactful for me – the global immersion project. This specific project required me to delve into customer purchasing habits in the UAE luxury vehicle market. It involved conducting comprehensive market research and identifying the key factors influencing customer decisions in this sector. The experience I gained during this project in terms of correlating data, conducting analytical research, and drawing meaningful insights has proven invaluable and continues to shape my professional endeavours to this day.

How did SP Jain Global help with your job placement? In what ways did the school support and guide you in finding relevant opportunities?

SP Jain Global has a dedicated career services team that assists students in various aspects of their job search. They provide resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, and career counselling to help students present themselves effectively to potential employers. The school established partnerships and collaborations with IT companies, startups, and tech organisations, which provided students with opportunities for internships, networking events, and direct access to industry professionals. 

Congratulations, Prakhar, on your remarkable career progression and being relocated to your company’s London office! How has your time at SP Jain contributed to your professional growth and prepared you for this remarkable opportunity?

SP Jain Global’s international exposure and diverse learning environment played a significant role in preparing me for global career opportunities. Its emphasis on a global business curriculum combined with its diverse student body and international campuses has provided me with a unique set of experiences and skills that have proven valuable in this transition.

How have the skills and experiences you acquired during your time at SP Jain played a pivotal role in your career progression?

SP Jain Global provided me with a well-rounded education that encompassed both technical expertise and essential soft skills, positioning me for success in my chosen field. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in any workplace. The emphasis placed on these skills at SP Jain Global has helped me communicate ideas, opinions, and project updates clearly and persuasively. The group projects and teamwork experiences during my time at SP Jain Global have enhanced my ability to collaborate with colleagues, listen actively, and contribute to a positive team environment. These skills have proven essential in fostering strong working relationships and achieving collective goals.

Relocating to the London office is a significant milestone. Can you tell us about the role and responsibilities you will be undertaking in your new position?

From being an SAP Consultant, where I am involved in handling a module within SAP BRIM for a particular project, I will also have responsibilities for pre-sales activities. These activities are done to get new clients, understand their requirements, and create a solution based on the requirements.

What advice would you give to current students and aspiring professionals who aim to make similar strides in their careers?

For students and working professionals, my advice would be: 

1. Define your goals

2. Continuously learn and develop skills relevant to the market

3. Network and build relationships

4. Seek feedback and act on it

5. Take ownership and embrace challenges

6. Seek mentorship

7. Cultivate a strong work ethic

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