From student to leader, A transformative journey of success: Insights from Rahul Joshi (EMBA Intake of 2023)

Hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai and nurtured in the rich tapestry of Vadodara, Gujarat, Rahul Joshi, (current designation and details); his path has been profoundly shaped by family and community values. We had the privilege of sitting down with Rahul, a professional whose journey is a testament to the power of determination, lifelong learning, and strategic decision-making.

1. Could you tell us a bit about your professional journey so far?

In my 9-year professional journey, I’ve encountered challenging yet exciting experiences, offering valuable learning opportunities. At GEP Worldwide, I provide advisory market intelligence, assisting leadership and category leads in digital procurement, category management, and strategic cost reduction, using predictive analytics for a competitive edge.

Before transitioning to management consulting, I worked at Bombardier Transportation in Project Planning, Supply Chain, and Production, leveraging my Electrical Engineering background as a B-Tech graduate. Driven by curiosity, I pursued an Executive MBA at SP Jain School of Global Management to enhance my supply chain and procurement capabilities.

2. Which aspects of the EMBA program did you like the most- the faculty, curriculum, diverse cohort, etc?

Opting for an Executive MBA at SP Jain Global was a strategic decision to amplify my skill sets and catalyse my overall development. The program resonated with me on multiple levels. The diverse cohort, representing various industries and nationalities, sparked engaging discussions that allowed for the exchange of rich experiences. Additionally, I was impressed by the faculty’s expertise in their respective fields, especially in subjects aligned with my interests. This amalgamation of academic knowledge, Harvard business simulation exercise, and practical insights was a big highlight for me.

3. What sort of ROI have you experienced from this program?

The ROI stemming from the EMBA program at SP Jain Global has been truly transformative. The insights gained, the networks established, and the perspectives acquired have propelled me into a senior mid-management role at GEP Worldwide, demonstrating the program’s profound impact on my career growth.

Moreover, the executive program has also provided me with an avenue for honing my leadership, critical thinking, and solution design skills. These proficiencies have equipped me to drive innovation and create value in my new role. I have gained immense value from the program and contributed substantially to the team organisation’s projects and digital transformation objectives.

4. Congratulations on your recent promotion at GEP Worldwide! How does it feel to have achieved it while concurrently pursuing your EMBA?

Thank you for your wishes! Balancing my journey to Principal Advisor at GEP Worldwide with the rigours of the EMBA program was undoubtedly demanding yet incredibly fulfilling. This achievement is a testament to the power of effective time management, unwavering commitment, and a passion for continuous improvement. The symbiotic relationship between my studies and professional journey fortified each pursuit, resulting in an outcome that exceeded my expectations.

5. Would you tell us about your role and responsibilities as the Principal Advisor at GEP Worldwide?

As a Principal Advisor at GEP Worldwide, my role revolves around delivering strategic value to our clients. Taking an advisory approach, I provide comprehensive market intelligence on strategic sourcing events. Collaborating closely with the category leads, I spearhead strategic cost reduction programs and category risk management strategies. Employing predictive analytics and innovative methodologies, I enable clients to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

6. What tips would you give professionals interested in pursuing the EMBA program at SP Jain?

First and foremost, networking is paramount. The diverse cohort and faculty offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, so connect, collaborate, and learn from your peers. Secondly, apply your newfound knowledge in real-time. The beauty of an EMBA is the immediate applicability of what you learn, so seek opportunities to implement these insights in your current role. Working on feedback and closing the loop is essential for personal and professional growth.

Additionally, setting SMART goals, breaking them into manageable parts, and achieving them will help maintain focus and motivation throughout the program. Effective time management is a must – juggling work, studies, and personal life can be challenging, so plan and prioritise wisely. Consider choosing an academic mentor or “Guru” to guide you through the program and provide valuable insights. Finally, keep the spirit of continual improvement alive; the EMBA journey is an opportunity for constant growth and development.

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