Bringing a Global Perspective to Edge Internet

Global MBA 2014 graduate Sourabh Joshi was always drawn to the world of start-ups. But it wasn’t until he got an opportunity to build a digital logistics platform at FarEye that he discovered his true potential. Not only was he a part of the business and strategy team working with the founders, but he also got an opportunity to manage different functions like business development, sales, account management, and pre-sales.

While FarEye focused on logistics, hyperlocal and field services digitisation, Sourabh’s role focussed more on enhancing the brand’s customer delight by leading the technological transformation with numerous logistics and retail clientele. For a large logistics corporate, what started as a proof of concept with just 5 field executives in a small Mumbai suburb soon expanded to a 10,000+ member operation spread across the whole country. During his tenure, FarEye even won some highly regarded accolades including the Start-Up of the Year (eTales Awards 2016) and the Emerging Supply Chain Solution Award (ELSC Conclave).

“Understanding the nuances of the market you work in is of the utmost importance today if you wish to succeed,” Sourabh shares. “When I was pursuing the Global MBA program at SP Jain, I got an opportunity to study in and explore the business practices of Singapore, Australia, and the UAE, and this helped me shape my global perspective to a large extent.”

Even while he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Sourabh was always recognised for his numerous outstanding achievements, including being selected for the All India Young Engineer’s Humanitarian Challenge (2011) and presenting his paper on ‘Advanced Public Transportation System’ at the National Conference organised by C-DAC in association with IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, and IIM Kolkata. Later, through his career, Sourabh worked in a diverse group of industries which include start-ups and global Fortune 500 companies.

He is currently working as the Associate Vice President at AlefEdge, a leader in Edge Internet, delivering the power of the 5G based Edge Internet to application developers through patented, easy-to-use technologies. At AlefEdge, rich media applications, clouds and networks work in tandem to achieve an unprecedented level of performance. Headquartered in New York City with offices in India and Brazil, AlefEdge works with partners to build the world’s first Edge applications that leverage and realise the full potential for Virtual and Augmented Reality, Gaming, Media & Entertainment, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and Smart Cities.

“I believe that iteration, experimentation, quick-learning, and laser-focused customer centricity are key to any successful start-up,” says Sourabh. “To provide the best customer experience, you need not be a big MNC. But you definitely need a customer-first approach and attitude. Proactiveness, subject matter expertise, problem-solving and knowledge-sharing are key ingredients of this customer-first approach and attitude.”

With many more achievements and goals already lined up, Sourabh is passionate about his area of expertise and is never at a loss for ideas. He recently completed a course on ‘The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process’ authorised by Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) and offered through Coursera, and is always on the pursuit of new challenges to take up.