A Journey of Growth and Skill Development – Sagar Banerjee’s Global MBA Story

After working in the Projects and Strategy team at SBI Cards, Sagar Banerjee joined SP Jain’s Global MBA in 2021, specialising in Consulting Management. While pursuing the program, Sagar engaged in numerous stimulating projects, including short-term assignments with esteemed organisations like an Israel-based MedTech company and Singapore-based Harman International. Apart from his academic and professional endeavours, he enjoys playing pool, reading, and travelling and tries to manage time for all of them.

How have Sagar’s GMBA experiences helped enhance his skills in project management and strategy? Let’s find out over a quick chat with him.

How was your experience with SP Jain’s GMBA? Which aspects of the program did you like the most?

I had a truly enriching experience with SP Jain, garnering a whole new perspective on life. The one-year Global MBA pushed students out of their comfort zones and challenged them to aim for more. One of the most thrilling aspects of the program was the opportunity to travel to different countries and experience new cultures while studying and learning new concepts every day. Moreover, its emphasis on simulation-based learning was especially effective as it allowed us to implement our learning and achieve desired outcomes.

To add to it, the diverse batch of students from various regions allowed me to learn more about people and their ways of living, which eventually helped me grow and broaden my perspective. Overall, I found the SP Jain experience to be truly unique and transformative, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

What skills did you cultivate as a part of the GMBA program? 

During the program, studying with people from across the globe and moving to different countries allowed us to cultivate a range of valuable skills like adaptability, interpersonal skills, leadership, etc.

Additionally, being a part of a diverse cohort pushed us to adapt to different cultures and ways of thinking and develop interpersonal skills, such as communication and collaboration, to work effectively in teams. It also helped us learn to think beyond our biases and assumptions. Hence, this skill is crucial in today’s globalised world, where businesses operate across multiple cultures and contexts.

So, working on projects daily with new teams, we had to learn how to work together, move past internal issues, prioritise goals, and execute them with acute focus. This experience was instrumental in helping us develop strong leadership skills and the ability to be effective team players.

What accomplishments led to your inclusion in the Dean’s List at SP Jain?

My inclusion in the Dean’s List at SP Jain was not just a result of my sheer dedication and focus on the subjects taught, but the school’s professors also played a significant role in my academic success through their unique and impactful teaching methods. The course curriculum was designed to be challenging, but the professors’ approach made it easier to comprehend complex concepts.

In addition to the professors’ contribution, healthy competition among peers was also a great motivator in pushing me to walk the extra mile and achieve academic excellence. Ultimately, being surrounded by like-minded, equally-committed individuals helped me maintain my focus and strive for the best.

How did the school assist you with your final job placement?

I am grateful for the efforts made by the placement team, as it worked tirelessly to secure job opportunities for us. After completing the course, I got a chance to work in Dubai. While the job search process allowed me to explore different options and find the right fit for my aspirations, the placement team provided us with job profiles and suggestions, and their guidance helped us navigate the job market. I appreciate their dedication and commitment to supporting students in their career endeavours.

How are you utilising the skills you acquired at SP Jain in your current position as a Project Specialist and EA to the MD at Birdieway?

Several general skills I learned at SP Jain have been helpful in my current role. Its holistic learning approach has allowed me to gather information and learn from different departments, which has been beneficial in my current job. As a Project Manager, the leadership and team skills I learned during my program have been crucial in leading projects effectively. Additionally, the analytical tools and techniques that I was exposed to have been handy in my current role.

What tips would you offer students who aspire to make the most of their SP Jain experience?

Overall, my experience at SP Jain was fantastic, with highly approachable and supportive professors with a great teaching methodology. The business school’s assignments, projects, and real-world experiences helped us gain practical knowledge and skills. In addition, the mix of classmates from different backgrounds and countries, and the opportunity to travel to other countries and participate in global committee activities, was an eye-opening experience.

Students interested in pursuing opportunities in Dubai should prepare for it from Day 1 and take a proactive approach by leveraging personal connections and utilising professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Of course, the SP Jain Placement Team will offer opportunities, but by taking the initiative and building connections early on, you can maximise your chances of securing the best possible job opportunities in Dubai.

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