Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, URA

As part of the Global Learning experience in Singapore, students from the Postgraduate Intake of 2015 took the opportunity to visit the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA).

The visit was a chance for new students to explore and understand the story of Singapore— the modern city that has developed with limited access to natural resources. The URA restructured the city to among the global cities of the world.

The URA building is located atChinatown. Its main objective has been to showcase the structure plan, culture and history of Singapore. Singapore is a tiny country, which is surrounded by 63 smaller islands. However, it has transformed and become a global leader across various fields. It has the world’s fourth leading financial centre, the world’s second largest casino gambling market, one of the world’s top three oil-refining centers, the world’s largest oil-rig producer, and a major hub for ship repair services. More importantly, these achievement was done mainly by the talented leaders which taught us the importance of leadership in any business.

Duringtheir tour, the students also heard some amazing stories about Singapore. To their astonishment, it took more than 40 years to turn a primitive islandinto what it is today. The structure of Singapore is extremely well-organised. In addition, students also learnt many useful lessons regarding water supply system and garbage recycling system.

Student Says: 

“We found the URA Tour really interesting. We understood the origin of name “Singapore”, the symbol of Singapore, “Merlion” which means “mermaid” and “lion.”

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