Stepping Up for the SP Jain Family at Singapore

What happens when students graduate? They leave with memories, good and bad, and with friends to help write a new chapter in their life. But stories, knowledge, and information do not stop here. We share them with people who are eager to learn about them, who pass them on to others later.

They are the alumni.

This year, for the first time, SP Jain School of Global Management formed an alumni committee. We had the chance to interview Rajan Pandey, the first (and current) SP Jain School of Global Management Alumni President, Singapore. He was from the pioneer batch of the SP Jain Global Management Executive MBA program in Singapore.

We asked him what he has on the plate for his committee members and for the alumni community here in Singapore.

Why did you sign up to be the President of the SP Jain Singapore Alumni Committee?
The thought itself was exciting! I was all charged up to contribute in my best available capacity, and I had weaved some plans in my mind. I thought taking a position in the committee would be the best way to get heard. So, I opted for presidential position.

What inspired you to want to become the President?
I have this dream. A dream to create abundance of knowledge, kindness and optimism by tapping the potential of alumni, current students, and the country, Singapore.

It just so happened that I won the SP Jain presidential election. Even if I had not won, I would have worked on this dream as an alumnus with the committee.

What does the word “alumni” mean to you? What are your goals for the committee?
Alumni, for me, is a big family. A family who celebrates their joys together and stands tall with you during tough times. My goal for the committee is to make this happen.

When you think about it, there are numerous benefits in such a family. Alumni and students currently pursuing management studies can exchange a plethora of information that nourish each other’s lives.

Alumni possess industry experience. They are aware of the rise and fall of various industries and products, as well as cyclic trends. Students, through the alumni community, could potentially be exposed to new ideas, concepts, and groundbreaking research and innovation.

When I visualise this exchange of information happening at “SP Jain Leadership Hall”, I feel a sense of satisfaction. This is what motivates me to keep working hard for this dream.

What are your goals for the Alumni community in Singapore?
Essentially, I aim to increase the exchange of experiences and thought processes between alumni and current students. On a larger scale, I wish to assist the Singaporean community with skillsets from the alumni. Volunteering with institutions or NGOs would also be perfect.

What can we look forward to in the next one year or so?
In next one year, we plan to engage alumni to share their knowledge and help students choose their career path. But at the same time, they should not forget to have great fun while at it!

Are there any activities you are working on which you can share with us?
Of course! First, we are starting our walking event very soon. The intention is to increase fitness awareness amongst the alumni network and encourage them to embark on a healthy journey.

Second, we hope to launch “SP Jain Xpressions”, a discussion or sharing session by or for the Alumni, who are experts in certain fields or subjects. To top it off, this series will also have a short discussion on current affairs on a variety of subjects. We encourage participants to look out for this discussion, as we may become the moving force behind a great cause!

We will also start volunteering for nonprofit organisations to give back to the society. I recently volunteered with Aidha Foundation, where the task was to assist in fine tuning a business plan made by the participants. I taught Entrepreneurship to students aged between 12-13 at Junior Achievement Singapore.

How do you think you can get more alumni involved in various activities?
Many other schools organise family events or dinner nights, and offer subsided lifelong learning benefits. All this is fine, but I feel that when a purpose is attached, enthusiasm is limitless. I am confident that the moment an individual understands the purpose, he or she will get more involved.

Any message for the Alumni Community?
In 2009, we had an assignment to perform an act for a soft skill course we were going through. My group did not do well. Once back on the chair, disappointed, I told my friend: One of us could have done something else to increase our chance of winning.
To that, Ritesh Patil, my classmate and mentor, said the following:
“Mate, if you think it is right, step up and just do it”.
This changed me. Since then, I try my best to stand up to this statement.

My message for the alumni community is exactly what Ritesh told me: If you think something can be done right, join us. Let’s do it.

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About Rajan Pandey:
Rajan grew up in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. He has over fourteen years of experience in finance and regulatory information systems. He is currently working for one of the top US-based investment company, managing production environment for interest rate derivatives technology. Rajan is also an active runner, mountain biker, and all-round lover of nature.

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