S P Jain featured in the world’s top 25 b-schools most students want to go in 2015

If you really want to make an investment into your future, your MBA degree is your stepping-stone to a shiny future. While you take your time to consider all the different possibilities of going back to school, most students around the world are counting on their MBA degrees to pay off by enrolling into some the world’s best business schools.

A new list launched by test-prep Company, LTG exams highlights a promising list of 25-business school around the world that most students are aspiring to be at in 2015. The list is collated by the contributions of nearly 5000 participants from across the world that have prepared for GMAT and ranked their top five business school choices for the list. This Top-25 b-school in the world list features Harvard Business School in the first place. Harvard’s traditional reputation and an extraordinary range of successful graduates find it top the list followed by Stanford Business School and MIT’s Sloan School of Management in the third.

S P Jain School of Global Management

In a list that comprises of business schools that are nearly a century old, S P Jain School of Global Management secures its spot in the 25th place in the list of top business schools in the world where most students want to go. S P Jain is the youngest business school to be on the list.

So, what is it that makes S P Jain so versatile?

It is our dedication to provide business education that is modern, relevant and global.

Modern because business schools need to adapt to the changing demands of the corporate world and train leaders who can tackle the high-pressured demands with dexterity.

Relevant because corporate managers need to understand the different business situations and be able to respond to them and if business schools they turn to are not training them with the right tools and skills, who will.

Global because the world we now live in is highly interconnected. Business leaders need to be culture sensitive to interact with their global partners from different parts of the world.

S P Jain graduates know one important thing—their MBA degree is so much more than just a three-fold hike in their salaries post-MBA.

Studying an MBA degree across three global cities—Singapore, Dubai and Sydney allow our students access across a wide network of global faculty, an international alumni community and our global business partners that no business school can offer in a span of one year.

Our unique tri-city model, an advanced curriculum and our focus on global employability ensures that students want to pursue their MBA degree at S P Jain.

Want to inquire more about the programs that we provide at S P Jain, click here.

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