Post grad students visit Dubai’s famous tourist attraction— The Walk

DATE: Feb 5, 2016
Categories: MGB & GMBA Jan 2016

all set to witness the sunsetThe postgraduate students took off to the famous The Walk, Jumeira on a fine Friday afternoon. It’s an oceanfront promenade with shops, cafes and restaurants – all these with the beach. It’s in the poshest area of Dubai. It is one of the most famous outdoor and tourist attractions— swamped with the expensive cars and world-class retail shops. The students reached around early evening and witnessed the sunset at the gorgeous Jumeria Beach. Students tried variety of cuisine from Chowking to Cheesecake factory. It is a perfect place to shop, dine and relax. While enjoying the magnificent view of The Walk, students also took pictures all throughout.

The most important take-away is that Dubai is a global city— one that accommodates people from various nationalities and every one respects each other’s cultures and traditions. Here one can find everything available under one roof whether it is a café or fashionable boutiques or an outdoor Covent Garden Market.

After a great deal of fun and relaxation, the students headed back to the student accommodation with beautiful smiling faces. It was indeed a happy weekend!

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