Making India a women friendly nation – The internship story of Ayush Jain

Playing around improving the office layout and working with the CEO to redesign the website – my internship with F5 Escapes – Bangalore was way more than just fun. Working in a start-up offered me flexibility and provided me with a platform to showcase my ideas and work upon them. F5 Escapes works with the mission of redefining the way women travel in India by offering fixed and customised tours for women. They strive to change India’s image as an unsafe destination for women into a women friendly nation. Working with the founders who were all female showed me that passion and determination can take you places and it takes just a spark to make a change and then everything else follows.

My experience during this internship is something I’ll carry with me a long way. I learned how to get things done in a frugal way. Even though I’m a finance student, I decided to intern in the marketing field. I experienced the difference between conducting business in a multinational firm and a start-up. In a start-up, you go beyond your ‘job-description’ and can be imaginative. My internship with F5 Escapes saw me donning me multiple caps, helping them in diverse roles. It offered me a great sense of achievement for my work.

The internship has been one of the most important parts of my overall student experience with SP Jain. It gave me a platform to apply the knowledge I had gained in the classrooms, especially the lessons from classes such as Critical Thinking and Communications, which were extremely helpful. Even learnings from marketing courses and Organisation Behaviour helped me to do well at the internship.

A few years down the line, I plan to start a business of my own in the F&B sector across countries. The multi-city experience I am gaining at SP Jain including this internship helps me understand the cultures and traditions across the world, taking me closer to my goal. I would say the internship has prepared me for ‘real work’ once I graduate.

This story of #internsmakingadifference is written with inputs provided by Ayush Jain (Student, BBA – Intake of 2014)

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