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Hey there, fellow adventurers and aspiring professionals! My name is Akanksha Sathe, and I am excited to share my journey from academia to the professional world, shaped by my experiences at SP Jain School of Global Management. As you gear up for your career voyage, let me sprinkle some insights, inspiration, and invaluable lessons from my odyssey. 

• Academic and Extracurricular Voyage: 

My time at SP Jain Global wasn’t just about hitting the books; it was a thrilling adventure that sharpened my mind and broadened my horizons. The faculty at SP Jain Global were not just educators; they were industry veterans who brought real-world insights into the classroom, making the learning experience intellectually stimulating and immensely practical.  

Beyond the classroom, SP Jain Global emphasised the importance of extracurricular activities. As we were situated in Dubai, UAE, we were exposed to a world-class business environment and had the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture. The university facilitated excursions, allowing us to visit sights of significant business importance, explore cultural landmarks, and gain a deeper understanding of the Middle East’s rich and diverse culture. This blend of academic learning and practical experiences added a unique dimension to our education, making it a truly enriching and immersive journey. 

Additionally, my involvement in the MGB (Master in Global Business) course at SP Jain Global played a pivotal role in sharpening my business acumen. The program exposed me to diverse global business practices and challenged me to think critically and strategically. The practical applications of the courses became evident as I navigated through internships and work experiences, giving me a competitive edge in the corporate world. 

Participating in student committees and engaging with experienced faculty at SP Jain Global was pivotal in shaping my confidence and resilience for the corporate world. Now, I feel well-prepared and more confident, thanks to the significant impact of my experiences at SP Jain Global. 

• Internships and Professional Expeditions: 

I serve as a Data and Digital Transformations Consultant with Protiviti India, a multinational consulting firm subsidiary of Robert Half in the USA. I am gaining extensive experience in networking with clients across diverse industries. SP Jain Global’s Internship program acted as a catalyst. It facilitated my internship with a leading multinational company such as Protiviti India, allowing me to apply classroom theories to practical situations. These experiences added depth to my resume and shaped my problem-solving and decision-making abilities. 

The internships provided a platform for networking and mentorship, connecting me with seasoned professionals who shared valuable insights. The practical exposure was a game-changer, bridging the gap between theory and application and preparing me for the challenges of the corporate world. 

• Networking and Mentorship: 

In the maze of the corporate world, networking is critical, and SP Jain Global knows it. From rubbing shoulders with industry titans at various events to soaking up pearls of wisdom from seasoned pros, every interaction was a masterclass in itself.  

SP Jain Global offered many opportunities to connect with industry leaders through seminars and workshops, expanding my professional network and exposing me to diverse perspectives and trends.  

And let’s not forget the power of mentorship – having seasoned veterans guide me through the twists and turns of my journey has been nothing short of invaluable. 

• Placement and SP Jain Global’s Support: 

Landing a dream job isn’t just about qualifications; it’s about having the right support system. SP Jain Global delivered on that front with a dedicated placement cell that had my back every step of the way. The school’s strong industry connections, alumni network and career guidance workshops were instrumental in preparing me for interviews and assessments. The extended support of SP Jain Global’s faculty and alumni network played a pivotal role in securing a placement aligned with my career goals.  

SP Jain Global’s Placement cell allowed me to be an active student committee member by being a crucial part of PLACOM (Placement Committee). This experience gave me a unique chance to foster corporate relations, understand industry requirements, and contribute to the career development of my peers. Being part of PLACOM significantly broadened my perspective on the professional landscape and enhanced my interpersonal skills. 

• Embracing Challenges and Growth: 

No journey is without its challenges, and mine was no exception, but how we rise above them defines us. From navigating the transition from academia to the corporate hustle to bouncing back from setbacks, every stumble was a lesson in resilience and personal growth. 

• Reflections and Revelations: 

Looking back, my time at SP Jain Global wasn’t just about earning a degree; it was about crafting a narrative of growth and transformation. From classroom revelations to real-world triumphs, every experience has shaped me into the professional I am today. 

• Bonds and Memories: 

But beyond the degrees and career milestones, it’s the bonds forged and memories made that indeed endure. Late-night study sessions, campus camaraderie, and shared triumphs are the moments that breathe life into the academic journey. 

My Learnings: 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the importance of staying adaptable in a constantly evolving professional landscape. A key takeaway from this program is gaining a global business perspective and adapting existing models for success. Business simulations and case studies enhance problem-solving skills. The program emphasises industrial networking and improving peer connections and focuses on objection handling to enhance negotiation skills. A central theme is continuous improvement, emphasising ongoing learning and skill refinement. 

As I conclude my journey at SP Jain Global, I am grateful for the transformative experiences that have shaped me academically and professionally. To all aspiring professionals, remember that challenges are stepping stones, not roadblocks. Embrace every learning opportunity, stay resilient despite setbacks, and build a robust network to support your journey to success. Best of luck in your endeavours! 

About the Author-  

Akanksha Sathe, an MGB graduate, currently works as a Data and Digital Transformations Consultant at Protiviti India. Through her experiences in academia and the corporate world, she has cultivated a keen understanding of global business dynamics and a commitment to continuous learning. 

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