Joel Thomas (BDS 2021) from Kerala recently completed his internship at IKS Health. We caught up with him to find out about his learnings as a Data Analyst intern in the healthcare industry.

Why did you decide to pursue the Bachelor of Data Science at SP Jain Global? Which aspects of the program stood out the most for you?
SP Jain Global, known for its comprehensive curriculum and methodical approach to a rapidly evolving industry, motivated me to pursue a Bachelor of Data Science at the school. Its curriculum is also designed to give students the fundamental industry expertise and skillset they need to succeed.

You recently started an internship – Congratulations! Could you tell us a bit about this role and the company you are interning with?
I recently got an internship with IKS Health as a Data Analyst Intern through the school’s placement program. This company is the premier partner for ambulatory care organisations nationwide. Bringing an integrated solution set coupled with an insight into industry trends and direction, the team at the company helps organisations perform more effectively for better clinical, financial, and organisational outcomes. I was in charge of converting a SmartPhrase API and Payment Posting Dashboard that the company utilised to Streamlit, an open-source app framework, that makes it simple for users to build web apps for data analytics and machine learning.

How did you find this internship opportunity? Why did you decide to pursue this role?
I got this internship with IKS Health through the school’s placement program. I received the opportunity after the recruiter, Mohini Murudkar shared my resume with several companies. I felt this internship could help me explore the field and understand my course better.

How did you prepare for your interviews? How did SP Jain Global help you prepare?

By learning about the firm on LinkedIn and Glassdoor and being familiar with how they work, I prepared for the interview. SP Jain Global scheduled one-on-one practice interviews for us before the final one, which helped me polish my résumé and guided me through the most important questions and responses.

Do you think the skills you gained in your BDS program so far are helping you in this internship? How? Please share an example.

Yes, SP Jain Global’s BDS program assisted me well in my internship. Our course on Python programming, statistics, and data analysis was beneficial in carrying out the projects and tasks assigned to me.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during your internship? How did you overcome them?

Throughout my internship, I faced several obstacles when it came to generating the dashboards, such as difficulties with debugging and writing efficient code. However, with the help of my mentors at IKS Health, I was able to move past these challenges.

Did this internship help you make decisions about your future career path? How?

My internship at IKS Health has expanded my viewpoint and knowledge of data science and machine learning in the real world. I can easily comprehend how a lot of data is produced, needed to run a firm, and utilised to accomplish data-driven goals and objectives. Now, I am also more certain of the data science career path I want to take, the one which is similar to machine learning in the healthcare industry.

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