How An Engineer Elevated His Management Skills – Lokesh Rajan’s MGB Story

Lokesh Rajan (MGB intake of 2021), started his career in the IT industry and soon realised that he had an interest in Supply Chain Management. To enhance his management skills and undergo a career change, he opted to enroll in SP Jain’s Master of Global Business (MGB) program. What benefits did he gain from the program? How did it help advance his career? Let’s find out. 

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering and proceeded to work in the Information Technology industry for about 2.5 years. 

My interests and hobbies include exploring new places and understanding their culture. Besides, I love to spend my spare time playing sports. 

After spending years in the corporate world, how did you decide this is the right time to pursue a postgraduate degree? 

While I was working at Infosys, I got opportunities to work in the e-commerce sector and learn how businesses work. In that phase, I developed an interest and wanted further insights into the subject.

I also had plans to improve my management skills for career advancement. So, I decided to pursue a management course in Logistics and Supply Chain, which could accelerate my professional growth. In short, being a mechanical engineer inclined towards the field or operational kind of work, I landed in the Supply Chain domain.

Why did you choose SP Jain’s MGB program? 

I did not intend to take a long break from corporate life. And at the same time, I wished to learn from a global perspective. So, SP Jain’s Master of Global Business came to my rescue! This 16-month course also includes a 4-month internship. Moreover, the professors are well-experienced in their fields, help students appreciate cultures and markets, and gear them up for leadership in the real-time industry. And that time, I knew it was the right choice. 

What kind of corporate experience did you bring into the classroom? How did your peers benefit from your industry knowledge? 

I learned the value of teamwork working in the corporate world. To prepare us for the upcoming challenges, SP Jain encouraged all the students to join the Student Board Room, where I implemented my skills and connected well with my batch mates.

Interacting with people from diverse industries and backgrounds exposed my peers and me to different working cultures. Ultimately, it helped us understand and draw inspiration from the innovative corporate ideas applied in the workplace today. Ultimately, we could benefit each other through our experience. 

What were your favourite aspects of the program?

The best part about the course is the vast curriculum, industry-related activities, exposure to regional economic processes, and cultural experience. This power-packed program helped us strive towards our goals and ambitions. 

I remember professors guiding us on the right path, assist immerse in the local culture through Global Learning activities, and giving us space to think beyond boundaries. They tried to make theoretical texts effortless by explaining with excellent practical examples aligned with the academics.

I finished my whole course in Dubai, and it was a magical experience. We visited the Danza Warehouse and other organisations to understand international business practices and engage with leaders in different fields. Moreover, the faculty-arranged guest lectures would update us about the current trends and new technologies and help us gain corporate culture experience. 

Furthermore, I developed a real-world understanding of how the supply chain industry works, which made me fit into the current trends of corporate life.

Any advice for future SP Jain students? How can they make the best of this multi-city journey? 

I would advise SPJ students to step out of their comfort zone, utilise facilities provided by our college, learn from the professors and ask as many questions as possible, increase their network, and not forget to enjoy college time. This student life can be the last one for many. So, they must enjoy it to the core and simultaneously keep learning. 

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