Facing New Challenges Heads-On: Ricardo Communod (EMBA Sep’17, Singapore)

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My story started on January 9, 2016, when I first moved to Singapore. Before this, I was working as a vet and an export technical manager of a pharmaceutical company based in Italy. Having completed my PhD in Veterinary Medicine, my studies opened several lucrative doors for me in the agro-zoo-veterinary sector. However, my goal was to start managing a leading organisation and increase their performance, and I had absolutely no experience in this area.

After one year of struggling to deal with distributors, budgeting, product placement, market analysis, microeconomics, and more, I realised that I needed to enhance my skills if I wish to be a better manager. I was working almost 100 hours a week and travelling all the time, and yet not yielding expected results – something needed to change.

I joined SP Jain’s Executive MBA in 2017 to enhance my skills as a business manager and an entrepreneur. The difference in my business acumen was evident in just a few months! By applying the concepts that my professors taught me, I was soon able to deliver higher results with lesser effort. The ability to make the right decisions and actions made my customers react positively – my self-confidence was skyrocketing! I decided that it was time to move forward and look for better opportunities.

The EMBA program fed my hunger for new challenges and helped me gain a different outlook of the business world. Today, I can choose to move from being the Director at Fedro Pte Ltd, one of the leading consultancy services in animal and human nutrition to the agro-zoo-veterinary, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and food & feed additives industries to be the new Commercial Director at Norel Animal Nutrition Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a Spanish company whose business is to develop, manufacture and trade animal nutrition feed ingredients, present in more than 70 countries around the world.

My success story would’ve been hardly possible without the exceptional mentorship and training I got as an Executive MBA student. I’ll forever be grateful.

About the Author: Ricardo Communod (EMBA Intake of Sept’17)

Ricardo Communod is an EMBA graduate from SP Jain’s class of 2019. After realising that he was not meant to be a professional football player or an alpine skier, he focused on livestock, his passion. With strong social skills in intercultural adaptability, teamwork, communication and conflict management, Ricardo is currently the Commercial Director of Norel Animal Nutrition, focussing on the APAC region.

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