Blue Mountains Adventure

Date: 9th and 10th January 2016
Categories: MGB Sep15 and GMBA Sep15

IMG-20160111-WA0014 Early on Saturday, the 10 January 2016, with ebullience and excitement on peak, the two-day Blue Mountain adventure began. Students were ready to explore and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the nature for the next two days. They were divided into four groups and taken along various routes, with every group accompanied by a professional guide who made sure that they all kept together and remained safe throughout the hike.

Students were given a list of do’s and don’ts like—every person should carry a minimum of 2 litres of water and enough food. In pretty hats and flashy glares, students started to hike. Walking and climbing in the woods was enjoyable and every path had its own challenges. The beautiful flowers and the plants of various species they saw amazed each one of them.

The experience of trekking was thrilling and unforgettable. It inculcated the feeling of team within everyone. They encouraged each other, supported and enjoyed the journey together. A walk through the magnificent waterfall and the view of waterfall gushing down through the trees was breathtaking. When the students reached the picnic spot, which was at the base of waterfall, they could hear the distinctive resonant calls of birds.

IMG-20160110-WA0061Climbing up the Mountain, watching a thrilling thunderstorm, looking up at a mighty tree -the experience of nature is one of awe. Students could not help but marvel at the intricate design of a single leaf, and the roar of the great waterfall.

Though the hike was of 6 hours, at the end of day their exuberance was still at peak. In the warmth of the campfire, part 1 of the Blue Mountain adventure came to an end.

On the second day, studentsventured out for abseiling after having breakfast. The professional guides explained the safety measures and the correct way to abseil. Balancing at the edge of the cliff and suspended by the rope, it took a lot of courage and resilience to get down and enjoy the picturesque view. Abseiling was no doubt a heart-pumping experience, but repelling the vertical heights and getting on ground gave them an extreme sense of elation and victory. After the half-day abseiling adventure students grabbed lunch and said good-bye to the beautiful Blue Mountains!
Student Says:

“In the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory in Blue Mountains we all found supreme joy”.

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