Beginning a New Journey: S P Jain Global Alumni joins Renoir Consulting

Vineet ParkarVineet has been an exceptional performer by being amongst top-2 throughout his academic career in diploma and degree colleges. His successful performance ensured that he got a campus placement in one of India’s multinational conglomerate – Larsen and Toubro Limited following his graduation.

Vineet commenced his professional career with L&T leadership program and then progressed to climb up the corporate cycle in terms of handling Mumbai’s first Monorail system. Having spent three years in the organisation, he wanted to challenge himself and wanted to get out of his comfort zone. He claims to never have moved out of Mumbai, India, which is what made him consider a global education program that gave him a global exposure.

S P Jain, in fact was the perfect platform for him to spread his wings in terms of global coverage—studying in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. He mentions to have always been an admirer of S P Jain in terms of imparting the quality of knowledge. The MBA course proved to be rigorous as expected, since the course was designed in such a way that it practically squeezed the traditional 2-year MBA course into 1-year course. The traits such as team spirit, punctuality, professionalism, and dedication played an important role throughout this one-year journey.

There were many companies that visited the S P Jain campus in the last trimester of the course in Dubai, but most companies that visited at the time were directed at sales and marketing roles. However, Vineet remained determined to enter an operations domain role, and hence had to hold on to his nerves. The most important thing which he did during that time, was trusted S P Jain.

Finally a job opportunity came along with Renoir Consulting – India. The selection process for the same was stringent. The first screening process was the Skype interview with the HR of the company. After clearing that round, there was an entire screening process carried out by Renoir Consulting that lasted an entire day. There were a total 12 participants out of which, 1 was from Deloitte, 2 from KPMG and 1 from IIM. Apart from these, 50% of the candidates had experience of over 6 years. After the self-introduction round, Vineet had immediately recognised that he had to stand out throughout the analytical and presentation round and make an impression. He credits the knowledge gained throughout his MBA, and the learnings he gained through the interactions with his peers to help him clear the different rounds of interview and eventually getting interviewed with the Head of Operations.

The outcome of the interview with Renoir Consulting finally came along and Vineet was appointed as an Analyst, Consultant with Renoir. This is surely not the end, but is the start of a new learning, imbibed by the two essential ingredients – patience and dedication.

We are very proud of Vineet’s accomplishments, and wish him great success for the future.

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