What helped Apoorv Dave (EMBA – Class of 2019) ace his job interview?

Landing a good job in a field of your interest & expertise is just the boost needed to see your career advance. Career progression was one of the most important reasons why I enrolled for the SP Jain EMBA program. Imagine my excitement when I was offered the position of a Supply Chain Manager at De United Foods Industries Limited in Accra, Ghana!

During my MBA, I had opted for the subject of Supply Chain as one of my electives since it was an area of interest to me. Depending on how you envision your career trajectory, choosing your field of study wisely and constantly updating your knowledge is significant if you want to grow professionally.

Here are the things that helped me prepare for my interview. I’m certain they will help you too!

  • Taking notes during classes: Reading through those notes before my interview helped me to brush up my knowledge and ensured I could answer domain specific questions easily. I would highly recommend students to take as detailed notes as possible during their classes. They do in come in handy later!
  • Access to SP Jain’s eminent faculty members: During my course as well as later, I got to learn a lot from the professors, who are brilliant academics with decades of industry experience. It is, therefore, advisable that students keep in touch with the professors while on campus and even later by connecting on LinkedIn. They are extremely approachable and will help you prepare for your career.
  • Participating in SP Jain Toastmasters: These sessions helped in improving my communication, leadership and management skills. It is very important to make a good impression on the interview right from the beginning. The skills I gained from these sessions helped speak well and in a confident manner, thereby impressing the interviewer.
  • Active class participation: Participating in real-time simulations, individual & group assignments and presentations may seem tedious when you’re doing them but ultimately become your most powerful tools that help you ace interviews later. After all, the purpose of these activities is to prepare you for the real world out there.
  • Not missing classes: I made sure I attended all my classes. My grades saw a marked upward surge because every session I attended helped add significant value to my learning journey.
  • Learn from your mistakes: No one is perfect; failures are inevitable. It is important that you identify your mistakes and learn from them. In each mistake you make, lies the potential for immense growth. I did and so should you.

Apoorv Dave is an Executive Master of Business Administration alumnus of SP Jain School of Global Management. He is currently placed as a Supply Chain Manager with De United Foods Industries Limited in Accra, Ghana.