Understanding the luxury travel sector – MGLuxM graduate Neha Sharma’s story

Neha Sharma (MGLuxM 2018) is a travel expert who is currently working with Karnataka State
Tourism as a Digital Consultant, Influencer, and Web Content Manager – a job that she thoroughly enjoys. Apart from this, she is also the founder of FeetBeyondRoads, a platform to help all aspiring travellers who wish to explore the world.

Before joining SP Jain, Neha worked with major players in the e-commerce industry including MakeMyTrip, Agoda, Flipkart, and Klook, where she was recognised for her brilliant work with several accolades including the CEO Ring of Honour, Stellar Achiever, and Best Digital Consultant.

We caught up with Neha to learn more about her story.

MGLUXM 2018 - Neha Sharma

Q. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Neha: As an army personnel’s daughter, I spent my early education years hopping from school to school. This exposed me to different cultures and helped me interact with people from around the nation, sowing the seeds of travel and adventure in me. I completed my school boards from Army Public School (Dhaula Kuan) and my graduation from Delhi University. I have always loved travelling and worked for over 7 years in the Travel and Tourism industry with some major players including Agoda, MakeMyTrip, Klook. This passion is also what encouraged me to pursue the Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management at SP Jain and understand the luxury travel space better.

Q. You are currently the founder of FeetBeyondRoads, an exciting entrepreneurial venture. Could you tell us more about it?

Neha: Everything about travel inspires and thrills me, right from the scenic beauty, the diverse culture, the cuisine, and so much more. It is this travel bug that encouraged me to travel to 27 countries and explore the innermost corners of India. However, I realised that while many people love to travel as much as (or more than) me, they lack a proper channel for guidance while travelling to a new place. While there is no dearth of travel companies, what matters the most is a personal touch. So, I decided to put my knowledge from my extensive travel experiences under one roof and talk about everything that a person must know when travelling to a particular place. This was the birth of FeetBeyondRoads.

MGLUXM 2018 - Neha Sharma 1

Today, FeetBeyondRoads is a one-stop destination for everything travel-related – right from travel stories and adventures to professional insights, travel consultation services, and personalised travel packages for domestic and international destinations.

Q. How did your time at SP Jain help you with your entrepreneurial venture? 

Neha: I had a gala time studying at SP Jain. Not just the globally relevant curriculum, but even the exposure that I have gained through the various outreach programs, overseas study tours, seminars, and guest lectures by the industry stalwarts – it was simply fantastic. The best part was honing my skills to the next level, be it professional skills or soft skills. The course gave me the much-needed boost to kick off my entrepreneurial journey.

MGLUXM 2018 - Neha Sharma 2

Q. What are the tips that you would like to share with our SPJ students who are looking to pursue a similar career? 

Neha: This is an extremely interesting, exciting, and adventurous field. Be focussed on what you do and give your 100%. Work hard, follow your passion, learn more, and give your best. If you love to fall in love with the work you do, then the sky is the limit.

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