Learning to Manage Academics and a Job Effectively: Saanvi Jain’s BDS Internship Experience

Saanvi Jain, hailing from Chandigarh, India, is currently a Bachelor of Data Science at SP Jain’s Sydney Campus. She joined the course in September 2021, and recently bagged a 4-month internship with a US-based software company. We caught up with Saanvi to find out all about her learnings and experiences. 

Why did you choose to pursue the Bachelor of Data Science at SP Jain?

I chose this subject because it allows for a more hands-on approach with the best professors. I’ve learned a lot about machine learning and data handling from the subjects presented here. Moreover, SP Jain provides a global learning experience, which has helped me become more confident while speaking with others.

You recently completed an internship after your Year 1; Congratulations! Could you tell us about the company you interned with and what you did there?

I worked as a Software Development Engineering Intern as a part of the Business Intelligence Sales Dial software development project for UPilot Inc, a software company located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA. It was a 4-month online internship. My primary responsibility was to create a backend database engine that would be utilised as a filter mechanism for the user.

Why did you decide to pursue this role?

This chance not only offered me insights into how the company will assign jobs to me in the future but also helped refine my resume. This internship provided me with a better perspective on how to manage both my academics and the assigned tasks.

How did you prepare for your interviews?

I read the provided job description when I applied for this internship. I created a set of questionnaires with the answers to prepare myself better for the interview. SP Jain also assisted me in setting up one-on-one sessions with one of the faculty members to guide me for the interview. This experience increased my certainty and confidence in the internship interview.

Did the skills you gained in your BDS Year 1 help you in this internship? How?

Before starting the internship over my break, I had learned many programming languages in my previous semester, such as SQL, Python, and several others, which helped me develop code for the tasks I received, like MariaDB Column store, using data panes and Plotly for report generation. 

 Did this internship help you make decisions about your future career path? If yes, how?

I have now finished my internship and acquired experience, knowledge, and lifelong friends. This internship served as a foundation for my future profession. I now have a decent idea for my preferred future job. I’m hoping to get into better companies as time goes on. All credit goes to my friends and professors for their assistance during this period.

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