Leading Landmark Group as a CEO – Karan Mehta

Karan Mehta, a member of the early Global MBA cohorts at SP Jain Global, went on an exciting professional journey. Starting as a management trainee, he climbed the ladder step by step to become a CEO at Easybuy, Landmark Group, a feat he accomplished before turning 40. Besides endorsing constant, incremental improvement and nurturing a workplace ethos, Karan orchestrates his troops through a dynamic corporate landscape.

Let’s delve deeper into his journey, which not only mirrors the aspirations of budding professionals but also paints an invigorating saga of perseverance.

How did you go on to achieve your goals post-GMBA?

Focus, commitment, and drive are what I believe every corporate professional must imbibe. Handling large businesses and teams can be intense and draining, but I for one, never lost sight of my goal. Since my first day as a management trainee, fresh out of SP Jain Global, I took up every opportunity which helped me learn, grow and upskill. I am grateful that I was presented with these diverse opportunities from a young age, including various roles, industries, and markets. And now, as a CEO under 40, the learning doesn’t stop!

What, according to you, are the qualities of a good leader? What strategies do you endorse for building future-ready skills in your workforce?

Businesses today are operating in an uber-dynamic environment. We are facing new opportunities and challenges every day and every leader needs to stay ahead of the curve. A simple example is the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, and how leaders all over the world were challenged with questions and had to find innovative solutions. As situations arise, a good leader will evaluate, innovate and act in the best interest of the people, the business, and the consumer. 

I strongly believe in the Japanese Kaizen principle of consistent improvement and encourage my teams to not just chase that one big ‘aha moment’ but consistently look at small improvements every day, as these small improvements will create magic. 

The softer aspects of an organisation like culture, inclusivity, and diversity are extremely important and younger professionals must continue to be the change makers. Additionally, work-life balance is no longer a good to have, it’s a must-have.

How do you navigate the ever-changing business landscape and stay ahead of emerging challenges and opportunities?

So as not to fall behind on its advancements, organisations must make regular shifts in their know-how and build future-ready skills in their human capital to stay ahead of competitors over the long run. The human workforce remains vital to the success of any business. Their imagination, creativity, and empathy are the key to unlocking a brighter future for most companies.

How did your journey with SP Jain Global prepare you to thrive in your career?

I was part of one of the early GMBA batches, and I believe the global format and exposure gave me an edge. The intensive one-year program was enriching both personally and professionally. My day zero campus placement gave me the right head start for my career with a large retailer, and there was no looking back. My super specialisation was retail, and I can confidently say – the SP Jain Global program was on point and poised me well for the industry. 

What would you advise the young professionals who wish to follow in your footsteps? My advice to all young professionals would be to consistently work hard, keep your eye on the prize, create the path for yourself, keep yourself relevant, and most importantly, stay humble!

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