Transforming Virtual Learning with SP Jain’s Engaged Learning Online (ELO) Technology

As more of what we do on a day-to-day basis goes digital, online courses are exploding in popularity. The ability to study from the safety and comfort of home is compelling more and more students to ditch the classroom and pursue an education online.

However, only a handful of the learners who begin their education online are able to complete the courses they signed up for. What causes this massive dropout rate?

While virtual learning conveniently embeds our lives in a shell of comfort, we often tend to lose out on crucial elements that made classroom learning unique – elements like live discussions, engaging debates, one-on-one conversations with faculty, and the interpersonal dynamics of group projects. Typically, online programs offer a digitally isolated environment that is non-interactive and non-immersive.

So, can we bridge this staggering gap between online and face-to-face lectures? Can you study from home without sacrificing the engagement of a traditional classroom? The answer is yes!

With the help of artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, and big data analytics, SP Jain has made it possible to bring the engagement of a physical classroom to your fingertips. With SP Jain’s proprietary Engaged Learning Online (ELO) platform, you can now experience all the benefits of a physical classroom from anywhere in the world.

SP Jain's ELO Room

How does the ELO Room transform your learning experience? Let’s find out.


With an objective to mete out the gap in the education sector, SP Jain School of Global Management introduced the technology-driven ELO Room in early 2018 as an interactive and immersive 100% online classroom.

With ELO Room, students have the opportunity to learn in real-time and train under top faculties from around the world. The one thing that you will not experience once you access the ELO Room on your computer is a boring lecture.


Get ready to be cold-called and prepare yourself to participate in polls, quizzes and other tailor-made learning materials that make learning at ELO Room far more engaging than any other online course. You also get to make smart decisions quickly, debate and develop arguments, break out into different teams to discuss, brainstorm and reflect. Encouraged by faculty members, you also get to address real-world business situations by applying tools and frameworks, both at the individual level as well as a part of a group. Take a look at significant features of SP Jain’s ELO Room that enhances the future of classroom learning –

  • Instant Polling

For faculty members, instant polling is the best way to make the session engaging. As a student, it empowers you to give live responses and feedback. In addition, it adds an element of excitement during the online interactive session.

  • Digital Hand-Raising

Redefining the level of interaction within an online classroom, this feature allows you to get the attention of the faculty. Similar to physical classrooms, the digital hand-raising feature can help you get your topic-related queries solved in real-time.

  • Meeting and Collaboration

You can exchange ideas with your peers, collaborate on an assignment, break out into groups to debate and discuss business-related issues, without any loss of engagement… everything in real-time. Faculty members aid this by dividing students into groups for projects and scheduling live meetings on the platform.

  • Live Chat

Live Chat allows you to chat with your peers and faculty in real-time during the online classroom session. It is often referred to as asynchronous chats or discussions that occur in a live setting.

  • Virtual Whiteboards

Virtual whiteboards offer a clean and easy interface that best serves the faculty members to explain concepts and equations to all the students in real-time. It also helps them to explain concepts easily by writing, drawing symbols and shapes, saving snapshots, and sharing documents in multiple tabs on touch-enabled monitors using stylus or pointers.


  • Convenience – You don’t need to quit your job to pursue an international degree. With ELO, you can pursue the program of your choice from anywhere in the world and delve straight into an immersive classroom-like environment right in front of you. Offering a unique educational format, ELO is capable of blending interactive and engaging learning activities and tools to perfectly adjust your on-campus learning experience in between your busy lifestyle.
  • Attentiveness– Move away from archived session videos and pay close attention to your professor with a mutually-fulfilling, one-on-one interaction.
  • Personal interaction– Get your doubts clarified, raise questions and engage in insightful interactions with leading international experts.
  • Group-setting environment– When you merely attend online sessions with no interaction, you hinder your skills of communication, negotiation, listening, leadership and teamwork. With ELO, you can develop your interpersonal skills exactly as you would in a traditional classroom. Gain multiple perceptions from your classmates and participate in engaging debates, all of which is mentored by your professor.
  • Top-notch expertise– With our impactful and proactive professors, you will not only gain insightful knowledge on the domain but also a dynamic experience of the business world.
  • Innovative tools– On your personal screen, you will get a wide-angle view including a chatbox, lecture notes, classmates, your professor and more. Get acquainted with multiple tools to interact with your peers and professor including polls, creating individual responses, and non-biased (random) assigning of teams, that allow you to debate, raise questions, clarify notions, present your work, survey and check results online.
  • Global network– A global network of corporate executives, managers, and entrepreneurs play a major role in the global success of a business. SP Jain’s ELO allows you to build a strong base of such a global network that lets you connect and interact with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. It enables each one of you to bring and embrace the diversity of ideas, experiences, perspectives, thoughts, and decision-making in the classroom. In addition, it helps in establishing meaningful and lifelong relationships that can be leveraged professionally as well as personally.
  • Industry-relevant– Built on the principle of preparing the leaders of tomorrow, ELO focuses on developing great decision-making abilities. To get acquainted with business challenges, students get to undergo several industry-relevant methods of learning that address real-life case studies, simulations, debates, deliberations, ideation, personalised coaching, and mentorship sessions. It facilitates you to explore new approaches to leadership and decision-making, discover the formula common to all good decisions, and relate theory to practice by adding immediate value to your career.
  • Best of both worlds– Ultimately, if you’re truly missing your classroom and also find it hard to cope with multiple roles at home and the workplace or if you’re simply enthusiastic and in-keeping with the latest technologies, make your entrepreneurial study a memorable one! Get the best of both worlds- the online format of education and your traditional methods- with SP Jain’s revolutionary ELO Room!

Since the launch of ELO, over 1000 students from 25 countries have experienced and enjoyed the revolutionary platform. Currently, the platform is used for the delivery of SP Jain’s 18-month Online Executive MBA (EMBA) – a fully online program designed for busy working professionals providing all the benefits of an on-campus MBA. With this program, you can benefit from our global network of faculties and students from across different countries and specialisations. Click here to read stories from EMBA Alumni & Students.

This is your chance to earn an Australian MBA from a globally ranked business school. Enhance your leadership skills and embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey today!

About the author: Caroline Mathias (Senior Content Developer, Corporate Communications – SP Jain Global)

A Xavierite, digital marketer and story-teller by heart with a passion for writing and multi-tasking, Caroline, holds a forte in content creation and management. Currently working at SP Jain as a Senior Content Developer, she loves to use her analytical sense to understand the “psyche” of society. 

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