How to Obtain Work-Life Balance While Pursuing an EMBA

Work-life balance is about creating a life that flows with you rather than a life you have to power through – Jamie Marie Wilson

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A successful transition from a working professional to becoming an EMBA aspirant is a progressive step in one’s career. The way forward, however, is not a walk in the park. It comes with a heavy price-tag in the form of your time and energy. Today’s goal-oriented individuals who work towards alleviating their career into a white-collared professional learn the art of maintaining work-life balance. As daunting as it may seem, the EMBA students gradually learn to juggle their family, work, and education. As a result, the program culminates in a scenario where they identify how to untangle a complex triumvirate. This makes the program a learning experience for the students, both in and outside the classroom.

By nature, the program does put a lot on your plate. It requires your time commitment that needs to be exercised daily. But how do you fit an MBA into your jam-packed life without having to sacrifice even a single element of it?

We interacted with a few of our Executive MBA students and found out the methods they use to keep afloat with their calendar and earn the EMBA degree.

Acquire Family Support

For many of the program students, earning an EMBA degree becomes a family affair. Especially, if you are a family person, your spouse and other family members must thoroughly support your decision. They must understand the importance of the degree, which will not only upgrade your position in office but will also contribute to uplifting their standard of life as a part of your life. This understanding would create a whole new perspective to connect and coordinate with each other.

Maintain Balance at Work

Both students and their employers must be prepared for the student’s intermittent absence from the office once they get enrolled in the program. It is advisable to compile a short weekly presentation or report for your manager containing the already covered topics.

If the workload begins to intensify, you can always ask your lecturers to cut back on coursework, although these are difficult to obtain. Degrees like EMBA depend on exceptionally intense routines of study periods which are hard to catch up on or if you are not engaging with your cohorts daily. And if sacrifices on time commitments must be made, then it is commonly logical for these sacrifices to be made by your company.

Modify Lifestyle Choices

Adapting to a healthy lifestyle is of key importance to achieve the goal of work-life balance. For your mind to perform to the paramount standard of work, it needs to be fed with a balance of nutrients. It is deemed as the best way of dealing with stress. Moreover, a proper eight-hour sleep and regular exercise would help a lot to declutter your daily schedule.

Apply the Learning at Work

It is a belief that the fine line between work and education begins to blur when classroom learning is taken to work. Whatever you cover during the course every day, you should be able to apply to work almost immediately. And when what you have learned starts to manifest at your workplace, the pace of your learning becomes even faster with better results.

Identify the right EMBA format

In the quest of finding a program best suited for you, focus on a program whose schedule aligns with yours. If a weekend program without interrupting your work is what you’re looking for, the EMBA program offered by SP Jain School of Global Management at Dubai, Singapore & Mumbai could be a good example. It follows an 18-month Hybrid Learning Model specially designed for working professionals, and helps you make use of the flexible study format which encapsulates a mix of online lessons, face-to-face lessons, and industry projects.

In the end, what matters is finding a method that works for you and tweaking it to meet your personal requirements. An EMBA program not only helps boost your position at the workplace but helps upgrade your life as well. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance while pursuing this degree goes a long way in deciding how well you’ll succeed in it.

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